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Horoscope series .:Pisces:.

By sakimichan
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This month's horoscope pinup is Pisces ^_^a Subtle mermaid characters with 2 fishes faded into the background :) well I'm having fun with all of these water type signs one after the other XD ! anyways hope you guys like !

❅video process
❅High res jpg for this piece and many others will be made 

  available through my patreon 

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other horoscope art to date (cept for Rei XD)

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Proud to be Pisces! 😻
Avah-arts's avatar

YEE! I’m a Pisces! 💜💜

SUcomics's avatar

Im a Pisces! I love this!

KikiThePegasisWeeb's avatar
I’m not a Pisces but this probably the most beautiful one
LadybelleofPemberley's avatar

This is my sign! I love the innocent eyes she reminds me of an old Hans Christian Andersen version of Little mermaid I saw when I was small! Love it😍

ClaytoneCarpe's avatar
Très réussi ! ♥
fantasyhearts1's avatar
Could i possible design a doll based on your art work?
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that is so beautiful. I'm really just in awe....

Dragonflyer150's avatar
This is revealing.... but still beautiful!
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Okay I might be a little tipsy and it might be my b-day but goddamnit! This is beautiful! I have seen MAAAANY pisces pics and they all have represented my sign beautifully but this one. THIS ONE has brought me to tears. LOL Pisceans are sometimes dainty in apperence like fragile little porcelain dolls. Or we're awkward as hell in body type. Like me. But something that I have noticed is we all have that dreamy look in our eyes and a bubbly (no pun intended) personality. OUr laugh sometimes obnoxious is endearing and we are sweet, senstive loving things. DOn't get me wrong though we are far from perfect. I myself as a pisces can be easily pissed, take awhile to calm down and can if provoked enough be a vindictive, salty bitch. We are forgetful, tend to prefer our private little world and dislike confontation. But we're far from weak. Emotionally strong and creative as fuck! Seriously i have yet to met a fish boy or girl that isn't amazing with words or art.... We can take our addictions to far whether they be something as tame as tea or as bad as drugs. But we are some of the most reliable and generous friends to have around. We dabble i.n a bit of everything and enjoy jokes of all kinds. Holy fuck my dear you are amazing
imgonnakillu123's avatar
as a pisces i relate to your comment 10000000000000%
HeartStorm4ever's avatar
Wow... I can identify myself with this text so much! A Pisces here, btw. I'm not the only one like this.... In my case, I can also add some times insecure as hell about my own abilities...
Anniihilation's avatar
As a Pisces myself, I can literally read myself in your text there. Thanks for that <3
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OMG!!! that Beautiful artwork!!!
Doktrdm's avatar
Pisces pride!!!!!!!
imgonnakillu123's avatar
VincentHendriks's avatar
Beautiful artwork!
Celsy's avatar
yay my sign :D its usually just two fish haha
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