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Horo spice and wolf .nude optional.

By sakimichan
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Horo (or holo) from the book/ anime spice & wolf :3 Was in the mood to paint human characters with animal ears so i though she'd be perfect for it . Also took the opportunity to practice lighting a bit more :3hope you guys like !

NSFW preview

❅ video process(NSFW/SFW)
❅ NSFW/SFW High res jpg for this piece and many others will be made 

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NeoCackle333's avatar
NeoCackle333Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Beautiful! She's so cute!
SweetImmortals's avatar
SweetImmortalsStudent Traditional Artist
omg omg yes I love you
Sarryck's avatar
SarryckHobbyist Digital Artist
Holo is so pretty >w<
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supercodingpro's avatar
supercodingproProfessional General Artist
ImKindaACrazyCatLady's avatar
ImKindaACrazyCatLady General Artist
Shes not a kid anymore!! THEY CAN HAVE KIDS NOW
zylos101's avatar
zylos101Hobbyist General Artist
they already have a daughter named Myuri.
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Passin's avatar
Nice work
Forest-Faeri's avatar
Forest-FaeriHobbyist Traditional Artist
I don't know whether to put this in "Digital Media Humans" or "Digital Media Furries" I guess both haha
WeiseWolf's avatar
I bought your poster of this at Fan Expo in Toronto! It's sooo amazing! Thank you for making this :)
delta7Xx's avatar
HOLO!!! :D
holo is amazing, spice and wolf is amazing <3
Bruce-Artbook's avatar
Bruce-ArtbookHobbyist Digital Artist
ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ I love this <3
theEyZmaster's avatar
theEyZmasterProfessional General Artist
:love: Wow! Stunning art^^
charreddragonchi's avatar
charreddragonchi Traditional Artist
Romacat's avatar
I love Holo, Spice and Wolf was very good. The hands bother me a little, and her expression should be a bit more mischievous in my opinion. But this is still very nice!
usoutlaw's avatar
^_^ holo. i wish she was my girlfriend
CatFishs21sm's avatar
CatFishs21smHobbyist Writer
Love the picture!
(I don't mean this in a rude way.) The author wrote her name as Holo it is only horo in Japanese because the japanese letter for the English L is ro.
He chose Holo because of its multiple meanings. In old english holo could be used to mean wheat, holy, golden, and beautiful. The author was a huge fan of old English economics and culture.
Normally it's rude to translate a name, but in this case he initially wrote it in English and it was later translated to japanese for the japanese readers. That's why it's written and pronounced Holo in the English translations.
RedRubyjelly's avatar
Having a lil fault in the hands, but Amazing work!
ZOROII's avatar
ZOROIIProfessional General Artist
SO cute!
WhiteNekoKnight's avatar
WhiteNekoKnightHobbyist Writer
This is absolutely gorgeous! I love Holo and Spice & Wolf so much.
Inori11's avatar
Inori11Hobbyist Traditional Artist
wow horo has been drawn so beautiful. This picture i my favorite of all your pictures <3
Jeffanime's avatar
JeffanimeHobbyist Digital Artist
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