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Holiday Ahri sketch Teaser

Happy holidays guys!!!!! :3a sexy Holiday Ahri pinup sketch. Will post a male pinup later!

❅ video process
❅High res jpg for this piece and many others will be made

Full piece available through Pledge

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this is why teens will have nosebleeds or turn into pervs
Passin's avatar
Very sexy. But who is she?
euroman97's avatar
ZOROII's avatar
"I think I'm in love!"Love 
Nice!  Happy holidays everyone!
WillToWrite's avatar
Sure, that's fine sak. Just give me a damn nosebleed, I don't care.
eww alessandra base for eyes. no way. not my ahri
AnimeVG-Ninja's avatar
You know legally you can't ask people for money when you're doing fan art right? Look it up, it's under "Copyright infringement".
            Christmas Dumpling 
EnderKafai's avatar
Wow... Aren't you a female sakimichan? Why would you do this...
Primeval-Wings's avatar
Are girl artists not aloud to draw girls naked?! Lmao :XD:
Reality-Undone's avatar
Its honestly a fan gaining tactic, the best way I can describe it is by a Quote I once heard, ( If you play to the cheap seats you will never go hungry ). I mean its not without skill, but still. 
R-I-N-N-E's avatar
What does gender have to do with anything? Cool drawing, those ears are really cute. Like this a lot <3
EnderKafai's avatar
XionsMist's avatar
So, whats the amount that id need to pledge in order to see all of these in their full glory? Im still confused by Paetron, and some of your packages are taken up. do i need to get one of those 2 week packages? or just support you?
Seraph1690's avatar
7dll, 10 if you want vídeo process
XionsMist's avatar
So just wait till the first week of january and the creator will send out the images including this one, along with the ones for this term?
N1NJAKEES's avatar
Happy Holidays! :D
Lantiel's avatar
I probably couldn't be more late than I'm at the moment^^
But happy holidays to you too ~<3
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