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Hinata Concept


Continue my Naruto ladies pinup series, I did a fun take on Hinata . This piece also took quite some time and multiple attempts to get it to this point. it's not exactly what i had wanted but it's been a fun piece to paint :3 I had in mind to paint her as a katana welding warrior!
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Hair voice over tutorial
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more tutorials here if you guys are interested !
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Man, that is one beautiful sword!

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it looks really beautiful , her face and the outfit , i did notice that probably all the characters have huge breasts in this gallery oh well i understand that it is an artistical choice. presonally i find flat and small breasts the most beautiful .

Still doing boring crotches ;(

Come on, you can do better.

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DUde this is amazinggggg

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her right leg looks off.

Discord Emoji - Thinking

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agreed. It's a great piece, but her leg looks dislocated.

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Oh wow your artwork gets more beautiful and gorgeous.

This version of hinata is superb

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Lovely and sexy

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Sexy Hinata is best Hinata ;)

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Naruto is so lucky.

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very awesome art XD

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Would love to see this of her with her actually breast size.

Not these giant balloons that aren't gonna stay in that top. 😅

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I mean then feel free to draw her with breast size you enjoy :)

Creativity is a wonderful and inside us all :)
It's not for you then. She can draw how she likes. It's just a cartoon in high detail. There is plenty of others out there
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