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Hair Turorial


This tutorial was made possible by my patrons on patreon! Hair tut was voted up so here it is. The full package of this tutorial including psd, video process,brush, high res jpg will be available through…  . Keep showing your support on patreon and I'll keep bringing you guys more content !

Program recommended: photoshop

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...this isn't real. it's a spam letter, it does literally nothing.
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thanks you so much greatly appreciated now I need to try it out
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Its perfect! :3
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I love you right now
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this is really good
Shima-taicho31's avatar
oh my god thank you! i love your drawing style. this helped a lot. :)
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Very quick but amazingly useful! Thank you so much for your lovely work!! :heart:
thanks alooot for this tutorial
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great tutorial. Although the best is watching your videos to see exactly what you do. For instance, in one video you do something very interesting, which is duplicate and modify the hair layer to put in automatically many more hair strands.

Your videos are the best!
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I really got to try your technics someday (when I'll be used to my tablet, first of xS) btw, I wanted to know, what was your drawings like before you could draw like this, and how much years did you spend drawing before getting so good ? '3'
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What brushes do you use? I don't get how you blend the color in so well, and I have a tablet with pressure sensitivity... Thanks.
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She also uses a soft brush and the finger tool for blending
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 she uses finger tool?
are you sure?
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HentaiChimp's avatar
from her video processes, that you can get if you're one of his patrons
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thank you for the info!
HentaiChimp's avatar
no problem :) I analyzed some of her videos in detail, if you have any other question let me know
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For blending she color picks and paints. Simple as that. For instance, she will make a light stroke, then color pick mid tone and with 2 or 3 strokes blend in
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Nice Tutorial, if only i could get off my but and apply it.
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Is it possible to shorten the steps and have it still look like step 8
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