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Hades would make a bad-ass looking female character ! I had fun painting this one ! hope you guys like it too ^_^

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TygerStryke's avatar
Whoa! Is my hair out?!
GrandLadyAkuma's avatar
I already liked Hades because of his character.
Now that I've seen that, I'm totally in love with her.
Surgerymakeup's avatar
I was super inspired by this amazing drawing and I loved creating this look!

  Female Hades by Surgerymakeup
britanniarule555555's avatar
If Hades actually looked like this, Zeus would've fucked her a long time ago.
AVAK55's avatar
Is there a rage version of this picture? 😁
Emlis's avatar
Seeing this, yes, Hades should have been a woman ;)
AkyliaHuskii's avatar
Really awesome! How bout Jafar? Since you did most of the Disney Villains :)
EsterL71's avatar
I absolutely love your work! First time I seen these beautiful work was on Pinterest. I've saved them in my favorites. Superb job!
At first glance I thought that was Ember from Danny Phantom...
iciclesDownfall's avatar
Your artwork is amazing *o*
Holy Goddess!! It's superb!
Whirlpool24's avatar
Wow she looks awesome! 
PixieDust2226's avatar
I'm thinking about cosplaying as female hades. Mind if i use your picture as reference and mention that its your photo?
Crosh02's avatar
So perfect, I really admire your work! 
NeoMatrix000's avatar
Soooooooooo many jokes
KaylynPhu's avatar
Can I get this in a print?
Magic-Lover2128's avatar
Two thumbs up, way up.
LegoRielArt's avatar
i love how you genderbend characters *-*
Aquinah's avatar
Wow Love the fire! 
LadyLambdadelta's avatar
I'm a huge fan of genderbent Hades.
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