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By sakimichan
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Tying my hands at goku X chici couple piece ;3 getting up in the morning at Kame's house :D Kinda struggled with this one XD especially on goku , this piece took longer then i respected XD Welp i think i painted him too mature and not childlike enough , hope you guys like anyways ;3

❅video tutorial
❅High res jpg for this piece and many others will be made

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Mature Content

Lara Croft X Quiet (YURI WARNING) Teaser by sakimichan

Mature Content

sousuke x rin  (WARNING BL) teaser by sakimichan
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Goku chichi killed vegeta bulma

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Oh my! The best Goku/Chichi couple pick I have ever seen. I even love the addition of food and the cup of java that I'm usually annoyed by, because many forget that Chichi was, at one time, a warrior also. (sighs) Such an underplayed character, but this scene helps me accept reality with a smile. 

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Es hermoso, pero es una pena porque no he visto ningún dibujo tuyo de Chichi, lo que sería genial ver a Chichi con tu hermoso estilo de dibujo y también solo he visto ese dibujo tuyo de Goku y Chichi. Sería genial si Hiciste más que ambos juntos, por separado, en definitiva, me veo muy bien.
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this person has stolen your art!

Mature Content

super hot goku XD by Origin-Art
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Why do women/girls always like to wear their husbands/boyfriends shirts? XD
themasterofgaming123's avatar

Girlfriends/wife love wearing husband/ boyfriend’s shirts cause they think it’s comfy for them!

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That was more meant as a rhetorical question ^^'
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Never thought about Chichi like this. And I mature enough and read the whole story more than fifteen times. For once, ok, she's sexy.
Really like your work...the detail and the realism are terrific.
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Marvelous piece! Chichi looks so beautiful and Goku is so handsome. I love how attentive Goku looks with her. And Goku's hair looks awesome!!! :)
meganhulan's avatar
i looove goku but i hate that chichi is such a bitch! beautiful!
Nukorial's avatar
such a lovley matrimony such lovley expresions you can actually feel the bond and he is not such a awful husband and father it made to seem besides beyond werful not so horrible great for fan fiction she is epic they are amazing
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This looks really awesome!  Can you make Gohan and Videl?
PhazeyArt's avatar
Well damn, and I thought Kakarot was sexy in the show! He look DAMN fine in this! *u* Chichi looks great too~
AnimeGirl513's avatar
I love Goku and ChiChi! they are one of my most fav anime couples!
NerdyChan101's avatar
OK this one is absolutely fantastic! I love how you did Goku especially! Even if he doesn't look childish, he still looks good! And ChiChi too! Great job!!  
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I mean he’s in his 40’s so.
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No es de tus mejores trabajos, pero aun asi es genial <3 
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Oh cool 666 comments
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Goku is so CU tE in this lmao
Passin's avatar
Well they ARE adults in this...
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i really love how you portrayed goku in this - especially his hair! i always have a hard time with his hair ; A;
but you also kept a lot of the key elements and made them your own - like them eyebrows, beautiful!!
i actually like that he has a more mature look, while he is naive i think from time to time goku has shown
that he's "mature".  anyway sorry for rambling, i love this piece - not enough goku / chichi love!!
PhazeyArt's avatar
His jawline is perfect! XD
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