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Ghislaine Dedoldia


Ghislaine from Mushoku Tensei, an anime with the reborn into the other world genre . It's a pretty good watch ! She's just up my alley ( pale hair+muscles+animal ears XD ) so I wanted to paint her. Had fun experimenting the colors in this one :3

Final render for this terms voice over guide!

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  • tutorial

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Hair voice over tutorial
please go:
used the promo code: hairy ( unlimited )

more tutorials here if you guys are interested !
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How hard this ass is

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wonderful work :love:

cooling down on a not so well hidden waterfall XD

I dont know why Ghislaine suddenly become so popular with artist (probably that they got the anim aired) but i wont complain. such a sexy character.

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Magnificent and sexy

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great lighting

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Oh, wow, that is an awesome lady! :horny:

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I had a coworker once say she won't do the dishes because her boobs end up getting in the water. This reminded me of that.

Goddamn, that is some amazing water effect!

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I mean it looks good but the anatomy of the left arm is not right.

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nothing is right when it comes to you peeps lol

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Thirsty people will overlook many things lol

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DAMN! Those curves and those assets...

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Wait...that ass is wrong. It's not The Ass Demon that counters Yujiro Hanma's Back Demon. KEKW

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