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Gamer girl

one of my tumblr portraits : ) gamer girl

used: photoshop CS 4

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That headset is doing some interesting things combining classical fairy tale design traits with a modern aesthetic.

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Next time you should have the gamer faced away and have a zoned out look to make it authentic television addict  
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I would really love to buy this as a print as a present for my (gamer girl) daughter. I don't want to just rip it, and even if you allowed that, I would prefer to have your signature on it - any chance you can add such a version, or offer a print via DA?
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I saw someone use this on Whisper and I was wondering who drew it! It's amazing! Clap 
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I like how you've kept it simple too- Lots of people draw "gamer girls" and they're basically playing in a thong and crop top and it's, we don't do that...
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RIGHT?! Drives me insane
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Yeah I can't stand it! they're always scantily clad and whatever clothes they DO have on it barely fits and lets face it...the "gamer" bit is not what people are going to be focusing on is it? ¬_¬ just gives off ridiculous expectations and then people go "if she looks/ dresses like that then she can't play games"...
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^^^ Everything you just said! XD I;m usually in a baggy t-shirt and sweat pants when I play games...
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XD exactly! Either baggy Tshirt and sweat pants or Tshirt and Jeans for me! ^_^
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She's beautiful...
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Totally me! But my hair is strawberry-blonde and my headphones are pink, but I'm still a gamer girl!
Can I use this image as a cover image for my story? 
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The portrait of my next girlfriend !... Some day... Hopefully...
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Bet she has a lvl 31 warlock and a 32 hunter.
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cuuute1  looks like a gamer girl from a final fanstasy game!
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You mean gamer girl or gamer slut? 
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how can she be seen as a slut?
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