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December 16, 2011
Game Girl .Under water. by =sakimichan
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Game Girl .Under water.

update: wallpaper size available, download for bigger version!

Another game girl concept, stylized, they are sisters ^^ The original game girl

Wanted to draw something colorful with a kinda under water theme ^^;I've been so busy with school lately , 8 days left !

Follow me on Tumblr(for lastest art work and work in progress)

wipblog-> [link]
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I miss so much this kind of art you used to do, it is more original and honest. Nowadays the sexual, deformed and explicit girls just don't convince me anymore. But I understand since unfortunately NSFW is ''the thing'' that makes money today.

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Hi Sakimichan, you may not see this comment among the hundreds you probably receive a day, but I thought I’d give this a shot.

I’ve followed your artwork for a long time - around 10 years just about! And I’ve been excited to see you grow as an artist! I’ve always been inspired by your work and I listed you as my favorite artist at every opportunity. Your talent with art is beyond phenomenal!

But if I can be honest, I miss this style of art you used to do like your Game Girl illustrations for example. Nowadays, it seems almost every new piece that comes out is over-sexualized, lewd, or generally nsfw. Granted, your techniques have gotten so much better over the years - I just wish you would produce more content that‘s actually not overtly sexual.

I don’t want to sound like a stickler but before, the content you produced was at least balanced out between pin-ups and portraits. Now it‘s almost 100% pin-up art with excessive nudity and lewd expressions. It’s like your style went from risqué or mature to borderline pornographic. I get it: sex sells. And it’s how you make a living.

I just miss some of the tamer content you used to do. :(

I’m still a fan though and always will be. I just know you’re capable of so much more than smut themed artwork.

I hope you’re doing well and I still wish you the best.



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Very Nice, I love it... Do you have any tutorials for ur style?
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beautiful Big ol' Bear Smile 
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Your art is amazing :)
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Love this pic and your art work! Very talented!
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This colors are very beautiful ♥
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pics like this are what first got me into DA.
they are beautiful, beyond beautiful
you should sell them ;)
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Very pretty and good control over the details and the looser background. Nice painting.

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love the colors you used, this is simply stunning work ^^
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- Hey... I've seen it in the newspaper...
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Awesome! i saw this in a video!
It's gonna  on pn
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