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Emma Frost from the x-men series came to mind for this month's theme :D She one of my fav characters ! I have to say, this piece took me forever XD I had some trouble with the slight perspective in this piece ^^;; anyways hope it turned out alright. Was fun to paint her, good practice  :3

❅video process
❅High res jpg for this piece and many others will be made

  available through my patreon 

Balma Vegeta by sakimichan

Mature Content

Lara Croft X Quiet (YURI WARNING) Teaser by sakimichan
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To me, the word “hottest” makes the question a little more specific. It’s normal within anime to design characters with a certain brand of attractiveness. It’s really more the exception rather than the rule to make characters, male or female, attractive in accordance with some particular variety of tastes. This can include things that are attractive in a generic sense (by generic, I mean according to highly common tastes), but then there are those who are designed to appeal to more specific tastes like ‘lolicons’ or ‘meganekko’… but beyond that, you have categories of attractiveness.

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She somehow looks like Taylor Swift...
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Spider-gwen, silk, spider-man, x-23, wolverine, dr. strange, iron man, etc. all of them please :) xD
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let me gues, this was inspired by this:…
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I think she's just being cold hearted;D
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Also do u have a taurus horoscope series?
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Dodnt emma die in one of the series i remember her shattering ;-;
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Yes,Emma frost dies in the final episode of Wolverine and the X-men cartoon series.
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Awesome job! One of the few comic book characters that I still like.
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Her face looks a bit like taylor swift ^ ^
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I think it's the eyebrows XD
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Really pretty, I think I forgot to comment on this one. x)
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what program does she use
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