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Front view head step by step tutorial pack


Available through my patreon pledge !

This Tutorial pack comes with

❆video tutorial 1 hr



Available through my patreon pledge !

Patreon reward Archive…

As requested I did another step by step tutorial on how to start from a sketch to colored version for frontal view : ) I have also provided the lineart so feel free to practice with it ! this time I did 3 light/shadow variation for both the male and female heads in case you guys want to try something different !
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congratulations for their work, and I liked the attitude you put a work step by step, not many artists who do this. Congratulations again!
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I scan my drawings after drawing them by hand can I do this
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can I pay ten and its mine or
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can I download pay the ten dollars and use this for my art I have a type of style this is a web I need to make my art look better
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Thanks for this tuto !
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I spy Solomon Starbuck haha!
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I thought the same thing omg 
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The woman's hairstyle looks great.
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Maybe someday... </3
Looks awesome though c:
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sigh........... jealous...................
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whoa. awesome...!
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Is the guy based off Solomon Starbuck?
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awesome style
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