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Fluffy vs. Inuyasha

Trying out a more realistic approach ,gosh Inuyasha sure has a girly face . Might make a poster out of this : ) I'm glad this time I used photoshop for almost all of this .I was planning to get more into photoshop ,now that I'm more comfy with it : )
Anyways sorry it took me so long to post something ,hope u guys enjoy it xD Luv ya <3

used :photoshop +paint tool sai (for hair)

ps.Fluffy is the nick name of inuyasha's brother ,Sesshomaru xD .
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Hello my friend I love your art and I would like to share it in the community tab of youtube and I will give you the credits for your work
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Very very well done I hope you will do more Inuyasha. I love that show! 
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i love the title!
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do u mean Sesshomaru

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Wow, you have improved!
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It is crazy to think how far you have come with textures , proportion, foreshortening and facial features ! bravo- truly inspirational :)
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lol I can only imagine how quickly Sesshomaru would kill anyone who called him Fluffy XD
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He's fluffy alright
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O_O I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Fluffy xD
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BEST. TITLE. EVER!!!!!!!! :love: :heart: :icondogdanceplz: :iconohmyglobplz: :iconhappyskipplz: :iconbigheartplz:
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YESSS!!!! OMG YESSS!!!! Inuloveplz 
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This is Awesome. You should draw Inuyasha by himself.
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Sesshomaru IS fluffy......X3 Oh my god, my friends and I always make Inu and Sesshi jokes!! XD (we call sesshomaru Sesshi)
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Oh god! I love Sesshomaru in your work... Inuyasha is good too, but really I don't like his face, I think he looks older... but the details, wooow... I love this!
oh, so awesome
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Having fluffy in the title alone made me stop and take notice
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Definitely the more realistic and masculine depiction of Sesshomaru. The legs are oddly placed for an action shot but overall really good!
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INUYASHAAA! OMG YOU DREW HIM!! I am so happy right now
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