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Fire Vampire

experiment with fire texture from CGtexture XD rough painting : p

used: photoshop CS 4

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Looks like Shinobu from Kizumonogatari anime. She was on fire trying to save her newly made vampire from sunlight.

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This is just the inspiration I needed!
Beautiful plasma rendition.
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Reasons she has trouble styling her hair:
1. no mirrors
2. fire
Sketchling2Artist's avatar
This is AMAZING art! I'm not as good as you but hope to get there one day!
Shadow-Walker-22's avatar
Beautiful artistry
Zyndarius's avatar
Wow, pretty interesting concept
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I love the fire hair effect. It's gorgeous.
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"Fire" and "Vampire" at the same time ? Isn't that a little bit contradictory ? Wink/Razz 

That vampire looks really cool, though !
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I have to agree with Mathieu-R that though this art looks cool, I'm not entirely sure this would work based on what most people believe about vampires.   It seems most vampires burn when exposed to direct sun light,  Now that's sunlight and not fire, yet the fact that they can burn means they would probably be hurt even by normal fire if they get to close to it. I think though since vampires are supposed to have very good healing abilities according to some legends that it may not be enough to snuff them out,  unless it was a quick burning fire. All this though is based on by which stories you go by.
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Looks like Lina from Dota 2 with arcana *w*
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Yahoo ! Your fire is wonderful !
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YEESSS!!!  i wasnt the only one!
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Holy mother of fire!!! how did you do that? her hair is fire but her face is cold, I LOVE IT!
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