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Female. Male Front fullbody tutorial pack .promo.

By sakimichan
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Available through my patreon pledge !

This Tutorial pack comes with

❆video tutorial 1h 10 min

❆PSD(step/step w lineart and color on separate layers)

❆JPG (step/step)

Available through my patreon pledge !

Patreon reward Archive…

as promised ^_^ a updated full body step by step, more of a front view then my other 3/4 view :3 I tried to use lineart for this one so it's styled different from my other render, thought it'd be a good change in case some of you are more comfortable with line art ^_^ !
>>>>Free releases<<<Keep an eye out as I will be releasing another free tutorial pack soon !

I’m releasing ,for free one of my voice over tutorials  it’s for blending, feel free to download it and try it out !
used the promo code: blendingitallin

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the promo code is not working ><!!
Really want to learn it sir!
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Hi!! I love your work, In fact, I already downloaded some of your tuts in patreon and they are really good! I want to get some more, like this one but I have to wait until next month to get it, theres a chance I can get all the anatomy tuts at once? in Patreon or other platform?  Thank you!!
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all these comments about the cencorship
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0. I like your amazing illustration.
1. Decide to try get your free tutorial
2. Go to gumroad site and click "I want this"
3. Then check out(Credit Card/Paypal)  page appeared and I'm expect that promo code input page will come after this.
    But Paypal charge to me 10$. wow!
4. But I'm happy to support you. Keep going good work! Thanks!
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I like how the finished nips are covered but the sketch nips aren't. :3
broqentoys's avatar
the problem is that this is just a model for art, nothing related to sex or suggestive, so censors arent even needed /:

also this discussion comes up everytime sakimi puts up a sort of body tutorial XD
DarkButterfly527's avatar
Yeah I agree censorship isn't really needed. It just seemed a little funny to me. :)
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theres always those belarus-Leveled fangirls that imagine their baes there.
sakimichan cant allow that, now can they?
So therefore theres sensor ship.
Yes, even on men.
(If you dont get the Belarus-Leveled fangirl part, In APH, Where theres personalized countries (that are stereotypes of the people in the country), and Belarus is a dangerous level of fangirl over Russia.)
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this is my favourite comment just for the hetalia reference 
Nibargi's avatar
Its to avoid a 6.9 wave of fangirl storm.
CheezayBallz's avatar
The comment goodness O,O
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I don't know, the body positions look very awkward to me, uncomfortable.
Trisste-stocks's avatar
I agree, especially woman's body position with her legs so close together and her left arm so close the body, it would be really difficult to keep balance standing like that.
MelodyGlow's avatar
but the right leg is forward, it makes sense that way (she is stepping forward).
Saffir23's avatar
I actually kind of love that your cover both of their chests. I would much rather have everyone cover up then having it be ok for everyone to go topless like in an article I read last night....
CrystalCritic's avatar
The human body is just another thing to me... I mean, okay you want to go around topless, sure. It's like one hundred degrees out, I understand completely. Men are allowed to do it, so should women as well. As well as full on nudity. I COULD GIVE LESS OF A CRAP. Okay, it's human genitals, who cares? It's just another penis in a world of others, as well as vaginas. No one should be ashamed of their bodies, just don't go helicopter dick everywhere 'kay?
Saffir23's avatar
I said nothing about body shame.... I'm more traditional and don't believe in showing everything to everyone just the one i'm going to marry. It has nothing to do with body shame.
MelodyGlow's avatar
i have that view too, i just cannot understand the mindset of people who promote full blown nudity.
i guess it just boils down to how much self-respect you have.
Saffir23's avatar
Yeah I think that it should be quite honestly I don't think things would be so sexualized these days if more people thought that way but then again that is just my opinion on it.
Yes self-respect and restraint.
DarkButterfly527's avatar
I don't understand why it comes down to self-respect and restraint...How is it disrespectful to yourself if your confident with yourself and body-positive? Sexuality has always been around and it's not something to be ashamed of. I see where your coming from though, although where does restraint come in?
MelodyGlow's avatar
glad you agree!
i'm very happy that we both share this view!
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