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.Female Gesture Pose References.

By sakimichan
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Hey Guys Here's another reference page from me, This time about gesture drawing !
Before I start explaining I just want to say This reference page and the style behind it is stylized. Gesture drawing comes in many styles and can be about anything, but here's what gesture drawing means to me:

Gesture drawing is really about the form and the curves, the action line of a character. Anatomy is not the priority, but of course the better your knowledge in anatomy is the better proportioned your gesture drawings become. When I start a gesture drawing i try to represent the body by basic shapes such as rectangles, triangles, circles, I try to envision the main curves of the body, how does the back curve look , how does the hips curve etc. I cannot stress enough on the me it's always more awesome when a drawings has nice curves in them. Also keep in mind that tiny detailed is not the focus of gesture drawing , it's about the body as a whole. as you've noticed I did not draw the hands feet and the face that's because my priority is to defy the form and curves.
When you gesture draw keep your mind free, go with the flow of your pencil tip, curves and form.and enjoy. It should be a relaxing and fun process.

As you can see in my references, some of the anatomy is not very accurate, I wasn't really focusing on anatomy but the form and the curves.

-Have fun guys !

Also here's one of my old reference on simplifying anatomy :

Sites you can use to gesture draw : ( I suggest gesture drawings of 30 seconds, that way you force yourself to not think about anatomy or tiny details and focus more on the form and the curves)

Here's a really good journal by =squeedgemonster with really good tips and references on anatomy : [link]

Follow me on Tumblr(for lastest art work and work in progress)

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Thank you so much for making this! It can totally help me!
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I love the curves in these stylised figures. How long did you spend on each pose?
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Since she since she's professional, it would've taken less then 20 minutes
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Man this is amazing!
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You make gesture drawing look very fun and not so boring/tedious. There is life in those curves/poses. Great job! Thank you again for sharing.
Artversity's avatar now has a gesture website/program as well. :) by :iconsenshistock:
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Ooooh, this is perfect! My poses really need some work, and I love these perspectives! 
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very useful!
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ohhh thank you so much!!!! I have to work on figure drawing for a portfolio, and this helps a lot :D
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This is amazing <3
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really helpful! thx
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I love that you would create a reference guide with real women's shapes. Thank you!
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Wow, you made something informative so artistic that is looks amazing!
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You are incredibly helpful and talented. Thank you so much for your time and effort put into these. They're informative and beautiful.
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Used here :3 :…
And now, I'm going to see websites for anatomy xD
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gladly i found this
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Omg, I love u <3
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Fantastic work. I love the angles.
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