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Female Aging step by step tutorial pack .promo.


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I thought this would be a fun tutorial where I show how I would approach creating a aging process tutorial ^^ I started off with sketch to lineart to painting. I think this had got to be the most interesting tutorial I've done in a while XD I enjoyed working on this.

Available via Gumroad !


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Hair voice over tutorial
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used the promo code: hairy ( unlimited )

more tutorials here if you guys are interested !
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Wow Ive got to check out some of your content, it looks like youve gotten down a womans aging. Hey if you do have the time feel free to check me out. I'm just starting out. Good luck man!
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Greatly analysed! Clap 
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so i guess Age:
10 , 18, 24, 34 , .. 54 , and 74 ... m i right? :D

great Job btw, :)
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First looks exactly the kind of brattish girl I want to pet the head of.
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wow still hot when shes older, maybe till bones then yeah... 
An ART is shown here>>>>>>>>>>
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Ahhhhh i dont wanna age
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Interesting to see.
this is so beautiful this is how love and life meant to be <3
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mmm I think this is a misguided tutorial,  doesn't show changes to the structure of the face where the muscles would change and degenerate over time.  Nice try though. 
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now thats what i call, good
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I love this! The first and second face look like Seras Victoria from Hellsing, and the fifth one reminds me of a younger version of Jones from OitNB. :) Beautiful development and detail~
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Whenever I draw lips on a teenager or kid they automatically look like a 50 year old xD This is amazing work!
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Thank you for all your amazing work :)
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the "chan" in her name means girl :), though most of us call her sakimisama or sakimisensei ;)
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Hm. Looks like:
Child, teenager, 20s, 30-40s, 50-60s, 70s
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awesome, i have never seen a "how to age" before, its super interesting :)
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