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Fem Byleth Pinup


My take on female Byleth from Fire emblem three houses in pinup style ;3 Fun game and fun character to paint !

NSFW coming soon

❅ steps
❅video process
❅3-4k pixel jpg

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Mature Content

Older Ann summer pinup by sakimichan
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Mature Content

2b Swordmaiden .Yuri TAG. by sakimichan

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Thank you for your interest!

used: photoshop CS6
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Fingers crossed you do Ingrid! 
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A perfect sexy yet ready to kick your ass Byleth. Well done indeed!
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I guest you don't do comissions >.<
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I really wish her hair was blue like that in game, instead of Blue Green and then Pea green.
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hmm. I don't really see this on gumroad, it isn't on cubebrush and artstation as well. I really wanna buy this.No, I disagree! 
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Hot pic of Byleth, I like it. Thumbs Up 
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I love your beautiful art and those faces but it annoys me that it must always be so erotic.
Sometimes it doesn't agree with their character.
Great Job!
But what happened to some of the images when they are no longer in DeviantArt?
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She looks extremely beautiful. Very good job there, you're truly talented.

I hope you draw Manuela too someday.
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She's so beautiful!!! We must have her in Smash.
Very Nice female  Byleth
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Really quite nicely looking Heart 
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yes she is so sexy!!!
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Please do Lady Rhea!!!!!!!!!! The amount of art for her is tragically low, and I am so very sick of Edeleth art. (inb4 fanboys)
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Ffffff. Amazing work!
*whispers* Please do Claude ; w ;
          Ume-chan bobbing 
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