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Eye reference and tutorial package


Tutorial Package available here

Early patreon eye reference and video tutorial release !
Made possible by my patrons support : )
If you are part of my patreon go ahead and download the package and enjoy ^__^
If any of you are in interested in learning from me, I'm providing video and psd resources  as thanks in exchange for a bi-weekly fee to help me with making more content for you guys ! :D It's like a full time job but instead of working for someone else I'm working for myself and you guys : )

Tutorial Package available here

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thx for the tutorials!
dixiekasilke's avatar
Nice tutorials! 
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hi Sakimichan, i was wondering if you use one layer only for the eye? hope to hear from you soon! I really love your art!
is the tutorial need to pay?
MiyukiKudo's avatar
The full and step by step video is.
Cute-Heart's avatar
.. that shine ..
Super Helpful, thanks so much
HotaruNS13's avatar
Thanks, I like this and it will be helpful.
aelmer6's avatar
Really helpful; thanks ^.^
NickyGFX's avatar
Thanks for amazing tutorial
shiningmystic's avatar
these tutorials are amazing, but i cant draw humans...yet
Totootaku's avatar
This is so helpful! Thanks:D (Big Grin) 
Rinni-Boo's avatar
Seriously it's all about the eyebrows. Eyebrows do sooo much for the eye shape.
greeneye1981's avatar
-- Thank for a good tutorial again >w<b
Angel3575's avatar
thanks a bunch
Moo-sicle's avatar
You are so good at drawing eyes! 
lexxii's avatar
Well done:)***Submitted to: iconCutieShots: For Your Approval IN: "Tutorials" ***INVITE To Join On Your Front Page:)
UsagiYogurt's avatar
Your eyes look surprisingly simple, but I'm sure that if I attempted them I would find that they're quite hard.
Neko-Neko-Sama's avatar
Amazing reference! I think this is going to be very helpful!   Neko Emoji-27 (Being kawaii) [V2] 
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wow such an amazing references
i adore it and i am gonna add it to my collection <333
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//You should do a picture from my dad's book :P//
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This tutorial is great! thank you.
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