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Erza Heaven's wheel armor

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one of Erza's epic armor from fairy tail, I just gotta paint my take on it ! fun experimenting on the metallic texture :3 Made some slight tweaks to the design ^^

❅ steps
❅video process
❅4k pixel jpg

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Chinese Zodiac.:Dragon:. by sakimichan Mei casual portrait by sakimichan Relax by sakimichan Victor .nsfw optional. by sakimichan Angewomon. nsfw optional. by sakimichan Hello Sister by sakimichan<da:thumb id="676322818">

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used: photoshop CS6
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wow this is good she looks great

Oh my god. That's amazing.

Ok your art is beyond amazing like how do you do this

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I've seen many Sakimichan pictures, but this is my personal favorite. 
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Amazing as always. Never fail to catch every detail.
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someone has this erza but without censorship, this same image without censorship. please.
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Angelic and beautiful!
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Must have in wallpaper sizes and I hope you'll make your art wallpaper sizes because it's great material.
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This is AMAZING! i LOVE FAIRY TAIL! (sorry for shouting)
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This is quite probably my favorite work of art on this entire site. Truly beautiful 
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Very Beautiful :)
Liam-mitaxa's avatar
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I love it. Erza is so sooooo beautiful.
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The wife <3 Great job~
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Wonderful and amazing!
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