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Elf prince

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Original fantasy piece :3 his face was fun to paint ^_^ I don't draw a lot of semi-closed eyes.

 NSFW preview

❅step sequence
❅ video process(NSFW/SFW)
❅ NSFW/SFW full res jpg for this piece and many others will be made 

 NSFW/SFW available through my patreon 

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used: photoshop CS6
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Hmm... Giorno pose.

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I love how it's OBVIOUS that you're a girl :D <3

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Oh mai sweet Lord Legolas!!! Elves are so.... HOT!! Sad Starfire emoticon Heart Eyes (Like, Love, Admire) In a Heartbeat Icon: Petting Shirley 
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Only one word to describe that drawing : Wow !
seriously, this drawing is so cool and amazing ! O.o (like all your others, by the way)
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This. Looks. So. Incredibly. Awesome. La la la la La la la la La la la la Heart Heart Heart Clap 
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I see a JoJo reference
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He's so handsome! :3 Love the hair!
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This is EPIC! (like all of your work!)
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Beeeeeeeeeeuuuuutiful <3
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That's just my impression, but I always thought, that facial/body hair doesn't exist in the concept of elfes :D ("That's something for lower humans or dirty dwarfs!" XD)
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You are correct. Elves never have facial hair because it takes away the illusion of perfect beings.

I think.
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Whoa...that's a prince I'd like to meet and then some!
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Interesting costume.
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he look so awsome :) I realy like his clothes :D
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