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Elf lady

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Can you guys tell I've been playing dragon age lol Having fun with fantasy theme ❤(っ^▿^)

PSD+High res for this piece will be made available through my…

Help support me so I can keep creating new content daily ^o^ !

used: photoshop CS6
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That's a pretty elf lady!

I should probably make an elf girls fave folder.

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So you draw a picture of your Inquisitior Elf, and Fenris from Dragon Age. But you did not drew a picture of Commander Shepard? What is wrong with you Sakimi? :P 
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O gosh so beautiful!
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Wow! I love your work and the style you made all those Cartoon Network's characters! :D
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Why are your works so breath taking. I would comment on all of them if I had the time.
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i love your work 
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fantastic job
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gorgeous, everything you make is gorgeous!
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Wonderful work, she looks great
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her face is like Taylor Swift's o.o
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You're right xD
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I would definitely pay you to draw for me
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Such delicate features
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Never seen this sort of coloration with a portrait before, love it
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OH MY GOSH! I LOVE IT <33333333
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nice :D (Big Grin) Love Clap 
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Why is this reminding me of Flora from Claymore?
Great work btw :3
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