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Dragon Magic

By sakimichan
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This is a commissioned desktop image for *Prussian who wanted a dragon in it. hum well this is my first dragon so it's not very typical, it's more like an experiment. Hope u like it : )

Well not too sure what's going on this image, but the on the right I wanted to paint like spirits or magical creatures that comes from the cave walls.

used: photoshop CS3

Tumblr(wips n stuff)->[link]
wipblog-> [link]
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eener9lilly Digital Artist
the artist doesnt know AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i always wanted to know as a child what was going on if there was a story
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eener9lilly Digital Artist
ive always loved this i used it as a desktop backround i was super picky btw and i found a blurry of yours so 8 year old me thought cool rad and its still the old computers backround
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So beautiful. This is the kind of art that just takes you to another world. 
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Water and air....there is no fear.....
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KanadajHobbyist Digital Artist
You should draw more dragons.
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SerjaDaevaStudent Digital Artist
I first came across this image as a print for a shower curtain. Sadly the shower curtain never showed after two attempts at it, but I am glad to finally find the original of this awesome piece of artwork that reminds me of my significant other and myself. :3
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WindySilverHobbyist Writer
Magnificent! <3
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RekidinkHobbyist Digital Artist
the elemental guardian of water love it, there again i like all dragons there just like people some good and some bad and some that haven't made there minds up yetGodzilla 2014 Atomic Breath Icon 
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AmalgamImage0Hobbyist Artist
This piece is fantastic!
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The dragon is incredible. 
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Dgod69Student General Artist
i think its simply amazing
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An Episod of  Dragon  Rebelion in the History of The Earth Realm
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WildWolfForeverStudent General Artist
Love it
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I regret to inform you that someone has stolen this amazing work and posted it as their own content: Soul people. They are selling it via the prints center here on site. I would recommend filing a DMCA takedown notice to the site:
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FrenchfrieswithtoastHobbyist Digital Artist are an amazing artist, that is definite! Keep up the great work!
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shikaka65Hobbyist General Artist
This picture just like tell some story when i saw it. Wow!!
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for your first dragon that's beyond excellent!!!
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FishbelyHobbyist Writer
The saying "a picture is worth a thousand words." is inadequate for this.  There are over ten thousand words packed into this picture.  I can see a story unfolding, and it's amazing.  I really love this picture.  The dragon's expression is really cool, and the scales/armor on its body are very intricate and neat.  Well done.
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Mage1994Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love fantasy art like this  .... Makes me feel wonder
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dragonkiss114Hobbyist General Artist
Astounding! :D 
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