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Different Materials-1


Available through my patreon pledge !

This voice over tutorial pack comes with

❆Voice over video tutorial (1h 33 min)



Available through my patreon pledge !

This term's voice over tutorial will be on Rendering different materials. This voice over tutorial is pretty basic and relevantly easy to follow : ) and the technique I will be showing in this tutorial is easy to do and to understand : ) Recommended for beginners and up :D

you can also check out my gumroad for past term tutorials
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look forward to more great stuff!
Nice. It reminds me of Minecraft for some reason.
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thank you for the tutorials!
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Yours tutorials help me a lot! thanks! 
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Thank you very much for this tuto ;)
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You know what I fucking hate Patreon! Wish that fucking website never existed.
Swave17's avatar
I can relate to you a lot with this. I also dislike it. But there is nothing much we can do about it.
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I dislike it because it creates a paywall for viewing content. Sure I'm supporting whoever anyway, but I don't like how people who get onto it start to advertise it all the damn time and go "hey look at this, bet you didn't know there's more, just sign up for this regular fee!", kinda belittles the creative side of things but yes it supports the artist which is good. Though some people put a lot more on their patreon than what it's designed for. The site was designed to be just a behind the scenes/a little something extra, but some people (Like Sakimi not that there's anything wrong with it), turn it into the equivalent of premium subscription to their art, and throw a lot more into the patreon than where they started. Once again I'm not dissing that idea or anything, but it can annoy some people.
sakimichan's avatar
Well even if I do advertise it I haven't stop doing what I used to do, "shareing my art" now I'm just making money off my art, whats the problem with that. It's not like I used to create free tutorials before and now all of a sudden I charge 100$ for them. Also I have to thank patreon for allowing me to creat so much content, art, tutorial etc which I would never of been able to on my average salary, now I dont have to worry about my job or how much i get paid, I can draw what I want big part goes to my supporters.
Anyways just want to give u 2 cent. obviously people wont really appreciate it looking from the other side and think of this as some kinds evil buisness. Really this is how freelance job work, if you come across any good art schools. you have to pay, same thing.
whysoaegyo's avatar
lol. uk saki u got it all figured out and i salute u for it. people are either jealous or just a hater. if they earn like u im pretty sure theyll understand lol. sakiiiiiiiiiiii just like us u went through alot to get this good and ik u put alot of time to it. u deserve this and how much u earn right now. some people here obviously dk how business work. its not like u charge a thousand dollar per content lol. people should know u charge per person and that's how it should be. who would want to pay just a dollar for a video? its not fair for u even if u got alot of followers in patreon. lol dont mind them ! HWAIITNIG !!! <3
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I've featured you here, FantasyLegends! :) 

Congratulations! ;) 
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o yea latex thanks very usefulWink/Razz 
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I'm so thankful to this tutorial! This is so useful! 😁😁😁 I got lots trouble in trying to draw wood :) Now thank you! :*
the1dragon1girl's avatar
I want to support you so bad, but I'm broke and trying to save the little $$ I have for college
killuafied's avatar
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totally going to learn how to do this in a bit so talented!
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$15,187.50 per 2 weeks... you have to be shitting me...
Valzeras's avatar
You know what's sad? he still makes less than Pewdiepie, pewds actually make that amount every day.
Chantel-sky's avatar
It is ridiculous...
TheTragicNightmare's avatar
She probably moved to a luxury place by now. XD And has a lifestyle blog under a new name and eats out for breakfast lunch and dinner while snapping foodie pics for this new lifestyle blog instagram. xD I aint gonna hate, if you can have things the easy way then take it.
Valzeras's avatar
Sounds a lot like me cept I don't make art for a living.I have lots of food pics in my gallery lolz.
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