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Destroyer Widowmaker

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HOTS released a Destroyer skin and I really liked it. I painted my interpretation of the skin concept on Widowmaker >;3 I think she could really rock it ! Also included a bit of dragon vibe in there ~^_^~ All in all a fun piece to work on.

❅ steps
❅video process
❅3-4k pixel jpg

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used: photoshop CS6
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Insane heights you've reached.. incredible.
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Does she have dragon wings?It looks nice.
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I keep coming back to this one.  I have to admit this is my absolute fav of yours.  so well done. the metallic shine, the bright vibrant color in the red trim.  the contrast of it all.  it soo looks like she is burning my monitor just being on it!
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my GOD, I love your talent!
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I dont understand how you're so amazing
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Woahoh, this is EPIC! The demoness, hellish look is perfect for Widowmaker, and the dark and lava red/orange coloring is beautifully mixed.
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Youre tellin me shes a destroyer
she just destroyed my sexuality 
Benio Nose Bleed Icon 
this is just off the charts! Well Done
It should be a skin vor overwatch
I love your work so much ! I make youtube videos mostly of mercy and widowmaker. May I use your these there with credits and links to the pictures ofc? :)
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Gods..I love this.I love you, Sakimichan!!!:happybounce: 
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wow, soo great colors!
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Make it a skin before it's too late.
Send it to Blizzard, MAKE IT A SKIN.
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Love Clap Clap Love Love Love Clap 
could i use it has a channel banner?
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God i love this so much. i really wish blizz will do that ingame. Its perfect for her :D
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truely beautiful !!! Blizzard must hire you to make new skins !!
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Bliz needs this as a Widow skin for sure. Amazing work!
Is there anyway to order a print of this?
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A sexy demoness!
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