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Dark as snow.updated.

-Updated fixed up the face a bit and I changed the contrast of the picture ^^Hope u guys like the change this is one of my favorite.

snow is the vampire princess of one of the rarest vampires clan in this world .She might seem innocent, like her name ,but deep down,she's just evil *_*

used: photoshop CS
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this art piece is amazing

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Love this drawing
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Very Pretty. Love it. Thank you for sharing your art
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Beautiful lady & portrait work~
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If you drew Melanie Martinez


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Chief commander of storms anywhere. On earth. AKA Shakira's 'Whatever, Whenever' And now for a limited time only, see her apply the divine sacraments through Battle Galactica with The Creators. "Well, now, don't you tell me to smile. You stick around I'll make it worth your while. Intergalactic planetary. Another dimension. Another dimension? Another dimension. Cast you off into exile!" -beastie boys. Thanks, I know, appreciate the sentiment... exile's lookin real... homeless in Denver, CO (Crossroads) right now...
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Your stuff is amazing.  The detail you have is memorizing.  How much time does it take you on a piece like this?  You make it seem like it should be effortless.
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This is so beautiful!
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I love the purple~<33333
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<font><font>images sont tout simplement magnifiques</font></font>
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she's soo pretty :3
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She is beautiful. I can't imagine her being evil though Sweating a little....
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I really love this. All the purple contrasting with the other colors is fab. I feel the texture of the clothes needs a bit of work. All of your newer work has much better clothing texture though, so it's an issue that has already been addressed. I would totally use this as my wall paper.
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Love the color scheme
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Wow! This is absolutely incredible! Perfect. Thaaank you for making this.
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I have this print! I bought it at Anime North 2 years ago in Toronto! Loved it and still have it on my wall!
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Wow...You are amazing. I love how you did the light.
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She's beautiful.
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