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The Elementalist Lux skin Is now my favorite Lux skin, other than the Star-guardian one of course. I had to paint my two-favorite form of the skin, the light and the dark element! This piece took me the longest this month XD I believe more than 20 hrs. A lot of editing and rendering.

Skin concepts by Paul Kwon

❅ steps
❅video process
❅High res jpg for this piece and many others will be made 

  available through my patreon

Weiss snowy by sakimichan Ruby red by sakimichan Blake Belladonna by sakimichan Chinese Zodiac.:Tiger:. by sakimichan Pyrrha .take my hand. by sakimichan Dark Magician Girl by sakimichan<da:thumb id="658442856">
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Thank you for your interest!

used: photoshop CS6
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I know this was posted forever ago but this is the PERFECT Lux art for my game room, is there anyway I could buy this as a poster????

Halstrom's avatar
Awesome duet, perfectly matched :)
Emilyahedrick's avatar
very pretty :D love the colors!
Judge-Moka's avatar
Amazing, especially with my favorite LoL champion.
omg do you think you could make all Elemental forms of Lux? You're such a good artist and it'd look so pretty! x3
ItzSqorck's avatar
Can you split this between Dark and Light just like D.Va Ahri? i really really need it 
Blackrose1323's avatar
Slaydey's avatar
It leaved you wondering which one is more devious?
Thriem's avatar
Nice and flashy colours. But I miss the bigger-picture images.
Absolutely stunning!
WolfHunter98's avatar
Whoa. Nice work! :D
Ayu-Shii's avatar
cant stop loving it <3
Erasmvs's avatar
This is lovely. c:
PrimordialNothingnes's avatar
Beautiful colors are beautiful
The hair and eyes are also pretty
John-Kilby's avatar
Beautiful and Amazing !!!
Gotta Love the Purple !!
Honeclaws's avatar
I was so excited when my main received an ultimate skin!
HeyThereEveryone's avatar
This reminds me of Cia and Lana from LOZ Hyrule Warriors! Heart Heart Heart SO PRETTYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Clap 
NeonMusicArt's avatar
i'm a Lux & Anivia main so yeah...


My sister is a teemo main so everyone hate her,not me btw I'm lessbian LOL
HiccElsa32's avatar
And I thought he'll miss that skin.. I like it too...
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