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another portrait, this time of dante, trying to make my male faces a bit more manly, though he doesn't look manly enough XD;; i really have a thing for pretty boys, trying to break away from it but it's a bit difficult... >.<

used: photoshop Cs 4

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The man, the myth, the legend. Trish and Lady highly approve of this portrait of the cambion.

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Dante can pull off being very manly and at the same time extremely  handsome. The early signs of him growing a stubble are already there from i can see.
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Love the hair on this one  Beautiful render throughout!
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Draw a prince in a pink suite
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nice likness.
But please paint a tribute for BlazeBlue Fans!
Ragna the blood,Noel Vermillion,Jin kizagari,Iazyoi,Lua Trinity and so.....
thant would be great idea too.
Love your work!
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You ended up making a mix of both dante faces
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He looks great! Also, don't feel the need to break away from pretty boys; you're doing the Lord's work lol. XD
He is even too male. - Androgynous is cool.
Hairless muscular body, female face. That is the best combination. :meow:
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It looks more like Nero imo, but great job as always
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this looks incredible! fantastic job!Clap 
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I just saw this drawing on google image search saying its Aegon Targaryen, lol
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I don't care manliness is not needed when they're as hot as that *TT* 
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Very well done with the shading and such.
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So lifelike. Those blue eyes, could just fall into them.
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I really like your design of Dante :) He looks really good!
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That's cool, he's a pretty awesome character
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