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By sakimichan
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To complete my Mario princesses series :D ! Princess daisy, now my collection is complete XD i had some hard time trying to come up with a design hat went with the dress I gave to peach, hope you guys like :3

❅video tutorial
❅High res jpg for this piece and many others will be made

  available through my patreon 

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Mature Content

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Nice work on Daisy!

She looks so British in that! And definitely also looks like she could be voiced by Amy Poehler or Jodi Benson for that design, which I just wish she had a more mature personality and not going so crazy all the time!

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I like the angle of this drawing so much. The background design is especially cool. :)
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LOVE the freckles!
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Oh that a Luigi hat I see in the corner? (I ship luaisy so hard help me)
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You're never alone :)
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This is gorgeous! 💕 💕
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What an amazing art work you do here, Daisy is so beautiful in this.
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Princess Daisy needs be in main games again, and have her own game she's too unique in a great way, which is why I'm going to share this petition if interested in signing it:…

I recommend to spread the word.
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💚 x 💛
Luiasy forever
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She's just the prettiest, happiest looking girl in the kingdom, isn't she? 💚
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This is honestly my favorite picture ever 
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Princess Daisy is the personification of my rage
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Perfect. Just perfect.
Nostalgialover808's avatar
I wanna see this as a poster!!!!! :)
Melon-Mantis's avatar
I love it! (Daisy is my fav Mario character)
Eilige's avatar
Very beautiful and cute!
Ph03n1x-Warr1or-Z's avatar
Very beautiful redesign of Daisy.  The execution of her palette is flawless imo, the perspective in which she's presented is nicely done, and her eyes just sparkle wonderfully.
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The only true Mario princess.
Benji64-49's avatar
And the only one who's nearly doesn't appear in Mario series, except Mario Land, the Mario Kart and the Mario sports series...
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