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Cynthia pinup


My take on Cynthia in a Victorian inspired outfit with some lace detailing ;3Also tried to make the hair smooth and fluffy XD!

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  • vid process

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Hair voice over tutorial
please go:
used the promo code: hairy ( unlimited )

more tutorials here if you guys are interested !
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This Cynthia is so much more than a pin-up. With those curves, she's a litteral goddess.

This is the prize you get when you beat her. But that task is far from being easy. You must overcome her faithful servents:

First, an amalgation of damned souls into one being, seal in stone

Then, the herald of Luck

Then, the deceitful Beauty of the Sea

Then, the Rose with Poisonous Thorns

Then, the Jackal who can read your Emotions

And finally, the most fearsome of them all, the shark-dragon, knowned as The Reaper of Trainers.

If you successfully defeat all of them, you'll be the next Champion. But most importantly, Goddess Cynthia will be yours. You'll know the bliss of having a night with her, owning her. A night you'll wish to be eternal...

But her shark-dragon would most probably tear your Team to shreds and break every bones of your body. Let's be real.

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Sinfully delicious.

Damn. She is a champ

Zemium's avatar
jeezus o///o
kaze26's avatar

Gorgeous and sexy

AVMG's avatar

I.. I think I'm gay now...

Dante13666's avatar

I like this one much. :D

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Cynthia combines elegance,sensuality, and class with the black dress that doesn't shy away from displaying her voluptuous body. Lucario is looking a like true gentleman wearing the tuxedo and not being distracted by its trainer provocative attire. The umbrella is a nice touch there. I am loving the Gothic themr you have on full display. Seeing Cynthia shake her hips back and forth as she walks so seductively is truly a breathtaking sight. It is unfortunate I stopped playing Pokemon in the third generation with Ruby and Sapphire being my final two Pokemon titles. Always bet on black.

r4f4ng4's avatar

i love it, i love pokemon too!

Savemysoulpls's avatar

Honestly not even watching your stuff for erotic purposes or whatever, it's just such a high quality I gotta clap everytime

zzzyyxas's avatar

Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous.

like a walking wet dream

manofaculture's avatar

Incredible as always!

Takeshi (Heart Eyes) [V1]

Also Lucario is rocking that tux

LCSII's avatar

Excellent work

BartGT5's avatar
Damm she looks awesomely gorgeous and sexy... Super beautiful work!! ❤️❤️❤️
FragGrrl's avatar

It's very lovely, however I do feel like something's off with the anatomy. I think the chest (not the breast but the chest cavity) is too long? That or the shoulders are too high. Something within that area. Other than that, is great!

crimsonrhallic's avatar
I agree with you. Love the image, but the shoulders feel to high and the neck does not seem to align with the spine and/or is too high up.
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