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creation... I was thinking many things when I was painting this, I wanted to make her hair melt or somewhat sway with the space of almost frozen me colors is one of the elements that creates an image so I decided to give her rainbow hair...I also had fun textured the environment around her.

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used: photoshop CS 4
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Jealous of this lady's purdy hair. Heart Love 
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Panda Emoji-01 (Clapping) [V1]Very beautiful, mesmerizing, fascinating and magnificent masterpiece! Applause! Panda Emoji-01 (Clapping) [V1] 
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Really nice, simpler then your other work, but really nice nevertheless.
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I wish this picture had the level of detail of your other pictures.
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So lovely and unique!
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So incredible!! :faint:

I love her hair and wings!! :heart:
I Absolutely LOVE this!!! So very beautful!! 
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Rainbows to me are magical, the full spectrum of color, how vivid you represent them, and at the same time, the liquid quality that the hair has makes this one of my absolute favorites!! But then again... All your images are favorites!
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Just... wow. It's very beautiful and creative.
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This is too beautiful to be real <3
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Wow You've got some amazing talent. Keep it up!
Very pretty, but a little wrong at the same time. I'd like it more if you covered up its "bits" with the hair.
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I want that hair!!! Such a beautiful picture!!!
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Hi, I just started drawing on here recently, and your AMAZING!!! I wanted to know if you could give me any tips on drawing. I mainly love drawing Disney, so if you have specific tips on that then please tell me... Thanks!
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use lots of different genres to do your disney drawings, make it your own (unique). People like to see new things :) even if you only change subtle things, you'll develop skills quickly without getting bored as well. this is a great artist to reference when you need ideas, their art is amazing!
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Gather your favorite Disney pictures and try to copy them to perfection. Do this like a 100 times. You're welcome.
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is she giving a birth?
that would explain why adam let eve eat this stupid friut. this angelthing is perfect
#fck adam

btw: this pic is nice
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This is so, soooo beautiful! I love the light and warmth of the painting, and ESPECIALLY the rainbow hair. :heart: Never stop drawing! :D
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I've looked through many of your works- you're very talented- but I'm sure you knew that.  :)  Anyway, I wanted to say that, out of all your creations, this is the one I find myself able to relate to.  Everything about this piece touches me in a way that I can't explain; it runs too deep.  Keep up the good work!  But remember to do a piece like this from time to time- one that really captures the inner peace of the consumer.
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