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Cinderella Knight

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 Starting this month off with another original take on a classic fairy tale "Cinderella". in this piece i imagined her transforming into a fairy tale knight :3 was very interest working on this. I think I experimented on 3-4 different lighting for this. This was also the first piece I took the time painting the clouds manually XD; clouds are like the "hands" of environment for me. All in all, a fun story telling illustration :3

❅ steps
❅video process
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used: photoshop CS6
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pookiesaurus4's avatar
her fairy godmother's so small!
Jikiwolf's avatar
Love her 😍😍
BunBun299's avatar
I really like the armored gown look. There is not nearly enough of it out there. This is a very good example of this too small niche. 
Sanctum16's avatar
Awesome picture
Cool and very creative concept
Beautiful and badass!
Great work.
Awesome idea  
Aka-KuroAKIRA's avatar
Definetely near the epitome of badass. That dress looks heavy.
awesomestarz's avatar
"Lavender's blue Dilly, Dilly
Lavender's Green~!
When I am Queen, Dilly, Dilly
You shall be king~!"
I take it her slippers are more durable this time?
hypn0s-sama's avatar
I like the sword effect and details... Very amazing
I like how the sword looks glassy. It makes it look even more magical and ties in well with Cinderella's character. The small fairy is also really nice and just made me think, "Why have I not questioned the size of the FAIRY godmother before?"
beautiful and anwsome 
NitroEvex's avatar
It's really a great job! keep it upPikachu Loves It Plz
Mangagirl18's avatar
Nice. I dig the concept.
kind of reminds me of saber from Fate/Stay Night.
GPG87's avatar
it reminds me a bit of Saber from Fate Stay Night, awesome work anyway :P
Yaoi-Huntress-Earth's avatar
AngelinaQueen's avatar
Oh. My. God ! This version of Cinderella is just magnificient and awesome !
please,Do belle of "the beauty and the beast" knight version!
xandraclay's avatar
She looks gorgeous! I love her pose and her expression. The little white mice are so cute, and having her walk through a pumpkin patch was a great way to add in the that symbolic pumpkin. It reminds me of a book I read, Cinderella: Ninja Warrior (Twisted Tales #1) by Maureen McGowan.
DWN966KuruMan's avatar
Her evil stepmother and stepsisters would now reconsider their mistreatment towards Knighterella here. Somehow, she also reminded me of Fate's Saber too.
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