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Chinese Zodiac.:Snake:.

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This Terms I've been trying to experiment on more tricky poses, kind of challenging  but I think it's a good practice for me ^_^ This piece is my take on Chinese/animal zodiac the snake. I really wanted to create a intense light near the font of the image and having the focus going from the bottom to the top .

❅ steps
❅video process
❅High res jpg for this piece and many others will be made 

  available through my patreon

Cinderella Knight by sakimichan Noctis .nsfw optional. by sakimichan Chinese Zodiac.:Dragon:. by sakimichan Yuri On Ice group pic by sakimichan Swans sorrrow by sakimichan
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Thank you for your interest!

used: photoshop CS6
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PLEASE, draw the rest of the zodiac! I cannot bear to see this beautiful collection go unfinished :(

Cameron363's avatar

My zodiac is the rooster 😭

darthmurloc's avatar

Me too bro, not pretty sure how that would turn out😂

Dreadsmile26's avatar
Are you planning draw more Chinese Zodiac ?
0gu's avatar
She looks pretty, and my Zodiac is a Snake.
chiwanese5692's avatar

Sadden that this series never continued, half way through

SpawnAlSimmons1987's avatar
fantasymaster51's avatar
I can't tell if it's a woman with a snake half, or a woman on top of a snake

I like it either way
Aka-KuroAKIRA's avatar
cuando mostraras al signo del mono?
SigillumDeiAemeth's avatar
My Zodiac!!! 😻😻😻
hypn0s-sama's avatar
She looks so good
LilithIsACat's avatar
Snake is so pretty, good job, nya :)
Laugh-Butts's avatar
Stormlover10's avatar
I'm a snannkkee ♥
K2Forever's avatar
kayane-kurata's avatar
what about... the fox or...the cat or... i can't remember the others right now... sorry.
DiSiqing's avatar
there is no fox or cat but she's doing them in order: rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog then pig :)
Kuchinashi-Tsubaki's avatar
There was actually supposed to be a cat (in a story i heard). (Fruits basket) But unfortunately, he was not made into a zodiac. Just like the 13th zodiac that was forgotten.
DiSiqing's avatar
If you're referring to the myths then yes, there was supposed to be a cat. It wasn't included in the zodiac because of various reasons, depending on which folktale you look at, mostly involving the cat being tricked by the rat. Historically though, there isn't a cat because the zodiac was already made up before cats were introduced to China.
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