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Chinese Zodiac.:Ox:.


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 following the Chinese zodiac series this term I painted the ox :3 As always tried to incorporate the ox horns into the character’s hair style XD I did a lot of editing for this piece. Previously her eyes were open but I kind of like this version with her eyes closed :)

❅ steps
❅video process
❅High res jpg for this piece and many others will be made 

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used: photoshop CS6
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0gu's avatar
She looks great
marsaumell's avatar

Amazing! I love this piece! I wish I could do this kind of work myself!! :)

Elebrony's avatar
I thought this was a picture for a Taurus at first. It would still fit perfectly!
Kal-el4's avatar
TheYamiHime's avatar
I am both an Ox and a Capricorn, and thanks to your art I actually realized both my zodiacs are horned creatures. It was a funny epiphany~!
ATACLC's avatar
This looks a lot like a Taurus rep from the Western Zodiac. I like.
darkyson's avatar
A beautiful job ◠‿◠
Natsumi4ever's avatar
This girl looks so serene yet strong. I love your artwork. Keep up the good work! 
Keygame's avatar
Never too much girls with tails
fueguito's avatar
i want you life in my heart!!
Okay,,,, this is motivation.... but your okami one is the only art I like from you.  :D
noiv-mangaka's avatar
Woooow I love it! She looks so wise, and I love her style! *^*
inkwolfokaim's avatar
As an Ox 
I love this 
BeatchBall's avatar
Okay, for a moment there I actually thought she had horns.
MochimochMeow's avatar
Your art is so amazing! Please do one of the chinese zodiac of a dog!
LaEnigmaDama's avatar
I just realized those aren't horns, that's her hair!! Gaw!! Yui Bro Fist Icon I love how you incorporate the hair in animal based designs!!
hrfarrington's avatar
I was born in the year of the ox, and I definitely approve, especially with the closed eyes. And the colors are perfect! 
bakalarii's avatar
absolutely beautiful, i think my most favourite of this whole series.
Blazer2017's avatar
No comment, one word, amazing
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yogatilang97's avatar
if i have u 1-10 score. i give u 11
nice artwork
the-siren-hyacinthia's avatar
if i had a cent of your talent I could touch the clouds
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