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Character concept voice over prt 4 .prom.

By sakimichan
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Available through my patreon pledge !

This voice over tutorial pack comes with

❆Voice over video tutorial ( 2h 53min)



Available through my patreon pledge !

yay the final part to my character concept voice over tutorial series :3 I will be covering finalizing your idea+ how to apply photo textures :) I had lots of fun with this ! after this one I'll be doing some more simple voice overs such as material render, more anatomy, and maybe one or two that covers editing :)
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I’m releasing ,for free one of my voice over tutorials:) it’s for blending, feel free to download it and try it out !
used the promo code: Blendingitallin

and if you want more I have made all my other tutorials and other stuff available through  
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LeBlanc rework ? :p, great art.
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sakimichan I wanted to buy one tutorials like this one on your gumroad, but what I wanted is not there to sell how I do to buy it then?
I don't have much money to stay in patreon T-T
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Very sexy and a total knockout. :faint:
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I'll SIGN UP, AS SOON AS I *CAN*!!!!! 
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Oooo that book is purty <3

O 3 O
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Ivy Valentine wannabe! :D
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cool perfect coloration from the women i loved her faceDeviantArt :) (Smile) :D (Big Grin) deviantART :happybounce: La la la la La la la la Clap I think I've fainted. Heart Huggle! Hug 
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Wow it was just recently that I've been wanting a free tutorial LOL. Thanks for the impeccable timing! I'm glad you're making a good amount of money. Though I'm surprised LoL doesn't pay you enough, really. I mean, I thought you did all of the artworks for LoL, but maybe not. You probably helped with the textures on all of the artworks though, that I'm sure of. 

P.S. I'm only assuming you do artworks for LoL, I didn't actually do any research at all. I just look at it and go "Wow, she must work for LoL".
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She doesn't work for Riot/LoL, she used to work on the Mass Effect games though
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Wow. Yet it looks like she's been working with them. That's pretty crazy. There are very competent artists all around the world, so I shouldn't be surprised. I mean... You're gonna find them all the time in card games, right? Yugioh, Magic... I dunno any other ones but that's enough examples anyway.
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Yeah! I see a lot working with Legend of the Cryptids late too
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podría sacar un pack en gumroad con las 4 partes. También compilaciones de los tutoriales antiguos por tema.  

PD: me gusta mucho su trabajo y gracias por el vídeo de mezcla que libero me sirvió bastante :)
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Hey Sakimichan, the last "Thumb" doesn't appear properly.
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kinda reminds me of LeBlanc from league.
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I was thinking a mix of her, Caitlyn, and Vayne
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sigh.... jealous.........
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i'm watching them all of them!! Because you're the best digital artist i've ever seen artwork from!!! <3 forever loving sakimichan's art!!
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