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C2 Code G

By sakimichan
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finally done ! ;o; so ded rn. I tried to put my own pinup spin on her original design ^^ going for elegant bright vibe !

 NSFW preview

❅ steps
❅video process
❅3-4k pixel jpg

 available through my patreon 

2B -victorian ruffle v1 - by sakimichan Palutena by sakimichan

Mature Content

Momo Older Pinup by sakimichan
Godess Palutena Pinup V2 by sakimichan Lelouch by sakimichan

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used: photoshop CS6
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escafanHobbyist Traditional Artist
I LOVEEE!!! Your work!!!
I really want to see a work by you about a threesome that every Code Geass fan want to see => C.C (you already made her) x Kallen x Lelouch. (2 girls 1 man)

Or: Suzaku x C.C x Lelouch (2 men 1 girl) my favorite threesome 😅
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Nice stockings and girl.
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Just found you and your art .

Hope to be half as good as you some day.....patiently waiting delivery of my art pen pad.

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pizzawithoutcheeseStudent Digital Artist
My animated variant. ^-^

C. C. from Code Geass Flowing in the Wind by pizzawithoutcheese

If you're a wannabe troll, don't bother. SC is fully aware.
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WillowTearHobbyist Artist
Thank you for giving us this masterpiece.
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Sakimi, Ive been a subscriber an patron for a while now. Though I am more the silent type, I just have to say that I have always been incredibly impressed with your work, and even more in your growth. When you do pieces on characters near and dear to me you never cease to amaze, and this one is no exception (on that note, Lelouch also looks fantastic.) Thank you so much, and keep up the great work.
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pizzawithoutcheeseStudent Digital Artist
Zeraphire thanks for the comment, but if you're on patreon you should msg her on there. =D
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Sadly, she doesn't care about her fans so she won't ever reply to you. She doesn't even let you Share her pics on Facebook or even notes. Her art is good but she's so disconnected from her fanbase
pizzawithoutcheese's avatar
pizzawithoutcheeseStudent Digital Artist
She replies on patreon. She doesn't like DA because of all the trolls. *shakes head* Also she doesn't have time to answer thousands of msgs.
She responds on patreon everyday if you really want to talk to her.
MikuHatGaming2017's avatar
But she can at least mention to us on DA that she acknowledges us, and you normies don't know trolls, Us Fat Fetishes know real trolls!
pizzawithoutcheese's avatar
pizzawithoutcheeseStudent Digital Artist
*pats* All bullying is bad. You have my support. Always stand up to trolls and haters and punch them right in the nose and kick em in the nutterz.

Let me know if anyone bugs you. I will smash them for you. ^-^

And SC is basically a rockstar. She gets thousands of comments each day. She has like a staff of friends helping her. They are the ones that do most of the uploading. She herself only ever responds on patreon even there she gets swapped.

And like I said with all the negativity and haters here on DA I can understand why should would want to avoid it. @_@
MikuHatGaming2017's avatar
We had this one Kink Shamer that came to our posts just to tell us we have a mental illness and that we're gross and disgusting and that we're poisoning children's minds when we fatten up cartoon characters, he made an account just to do this.

I see what you mean about her having that many comments and she can't keep up, but I feel it's a little bit rude that you have to pay in order to at least catch a glimpse of her, it's a bit like Vidcon (And I am not saying that DA is Tana-con, I just remembered that the free version of Vidcon was a shithole)
pizzawithoutcheese's avatar
pizzawithoutcheeseStudent Digital Artist
That is true. Posting once in a while would be nice. But like I said she is also trying to avoid all the toxicity. I can't blame her tbh. DA is like slums in a way I guess. This where everyone starts, but once they move up and become successful they wanna get out.

Well, the one good thing about patreon is that's bully free. 
MikuHatGaming2017's avatar
We have many artists in our community leave DA because of pointless suggestive content take downs and tons of hate from Kink Shamers, some even considered suicide because of the Kink Shamers and closed minded normies that rush over to us because we made it to the Front Page, even though, WE DON'T FUCKING CONTROL THAT, and we get a ton of flack from people that come from the DeviantArt Cringe comps, though it's free advertising, it attracts the wrong crowd

I see what you mean, she can control who comes and goes
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I have always loved C.C. and this just ads to it.
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Will this peace be added to your store :)
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ClearDiamondArtProfessional Digital Artist
one of my fav girls in this anime, good job on this love it.
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pizzawithoutcheeseStudent Digital Artist
My sundress & animation variants:

Code Geass C.C. by pizzawithoutcheese C. C. from Code Geass Flowing in the Wind by pizzawithoutcheese
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AvernaleHobbyist Writer
A beautiful piece, but her name is spelled "CC".  The Japanese are weird with acronyms, sometimes.

Edit: I see you corrected it in the next piece.  I feel like I should apologize.
pizzawithoutcheese's avatar
pizzawithoutcheeseStudent Digital Artist
C2 is a cheeky form of saying C.C. It is still read as zee-zee not zee-two. XD

You all good.
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PallavPHobbyist Digital Artist
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