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Bust-waist tutorial pack .promo.

By sakimichan
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Available through my patreon pledge !

This Tutorial pack comes with

❆video tutorial 47 min



Available through my patreon pledge !

Patreon reward Archive…
a simple bust step by step. I will probably do a full body one as well in the future  !Also if you guys have more suggestions of what kind of tutorial packs you want me to make let me know !

>>>>Free releases<<<Keep an eye out as I will be releasing another free tutorial pack soon !

I’m releasing ,for free one of my voice over tutorials  it’s for blending, feel free to download it and try it out !
used the promo code: blendingitallin

and if you want more I have made all my other tutorials and other stuff available through   as single purchases !

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Why doesn't the promo code work? ;w;
Skye33's avatar
loving that both nipples are censored :P
kokomu's avatar
you're blocking MALE titties? are u srs?
Mooneon's avatar
FoxyWantsToBite's avatar
American Censoreship... i will never get it
CrystalCritic's avatar

It'll take awhile for this to pass, but I hope one day we'll see the difference between sexual nudity, and just plain old nudity.
broqentoys's avatar
yeah :/ there was no problem with it back then, why now? 
CrystalCritic's avatar
Because we made our bodies super sexual for some reason. Also religion.
soovigon's avatar
OshunWave14's avatar
I loved that you censored the guy's nipples. XD

Gender Equality! 
MRVISIO's avatar
yo pense lo mismo XD
MissMiracles's avatar
Why not just show both? There's nothing wrong with the human form. 
Violeta-Adopts's avatar
There are kids on here..
MissMiracles's avatar
Nothing wrong with the human form. Nudity =/= sexualitization.
Kalmazett's avatar
Problem is, when the female isn't censored, it will need mature. lose of a wider range of possible costumers I would say
But its silly nonetheless
MissMiracles's avatar
A mature, sure, but not a restricted or anything like that. I don't even get that truth be told. It's just a part of the body, and the only time something is considered suggestive or sexual is when the viewer decides it is. The human body is not inherently sexual and I'm pretty sick of people treating it like it is.
Kalmazett's avatar
just because we don't see it like that, doesn't change the fact that there are a bunch of other people seeing it differently. Some aren't okay with showing anything above the knees or shoulders, others couldn't care less about a nude shot.
Putting mature just because of that, a lot will pass the image ignoring it, since they won't know if its explicit photo of genitals, or just a painting with female nipples.
Here its just for advertisement, to get to as many people possible (the tutorial does not have silly censor)

Honestly I want to turn off mature content, because the amount of photos that are nothing but porn related with no aspect of art to it, but then I see how many others get blocked as well, because of the rules.
MelodyGlow's avatar
"just because we don't see it like that, doesn't change the fact that there are a bunch of other people seeing it differently"
im just wonderstruck right now, that statement was perfect.
*dies happy*
MissMiracles's avatar
That's all very true. I think to a certain extent it's necessary (to everyone's dismay), because so many people on this site post very explicit material that's sexual in nature. But at the same time when it's clearly just nudity it's so stupid. I mean there's nude statues in art museums, and it's the same basic concept here ( I think. ) if it's still tasteful it shouldn't be censored. 

You're right, there's so many people that post borderline pornographic material on this site it's absolutely ridiculous. They just need to go to hentai-foundry or something so the people posting actual artistic nudity don't have to be censored like this. 
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