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By sakimichan
Ichigo Poster I sold at the anime con xD

I'll be posting the other posters ,full sized version through out this week : )

used: Opencanvas 4.03+ photoshop CS
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Villageabbot95's avatar
Questionably emo Ichigo.  Dope.  Looks sick.  
fakkii2000's avatar
LOL ok, more? lol
NightChey's avatar
Awesome work. I just wish there was more of bleach.
FemmjowGrimmKitty's avatar
I'd seen this art before, many times, but I'm I found who it belonged to! Awesome work!
delvallejoel's avatar
That is awesome.

I want to give him my Valentine chocolates) made it my current wallpaper
NEbode's avatar
Anybody else think the hands look like the ones from Labyrinth?
Great details! Love the ghost hands. This picture goes well with how the series starts (with Ichigo seeing and being followed by ghosts).
saillytheshippy's avatar
Whoa! Sweet Ichigo. Great colors and textures. As always, Bleach characters are always in style XD
1234567890count's avatar
You made Ichigo a over-the-edge HOTTIE :love:
Classtiel's avatar
I love bleach!:iconichigoplz: how much did you get for it?
Zanzibar-1's avatar
That's different! I like it!
Namminah's avatar
Your painting is by far my favorite fan art of Bleach. Your style is perfect. I love it.
vvcast's avatar
ichigo:... damn fangirls found me AGAIN?!

lol i love the art :) its great
limegreenelmo's avatar
it looks so nicely drawn ^-^
Snuffles379's avatar
Wow, this is wonderful. I've never heard of Ichigo before but you've created this piece with enough singular story that it is easily intriguing alone.
The clean, crispness of your painting is brilliant. The design on his clothes add dimension to the piece and make it even more interesting.
FallStarINtheDark's avatar
At first I was all :jawdrop:...then I realized that the second hands down WERE NOT pinching his nipples.
:stupidme: :facepalm:
loooove this~!! :tighthug:
i love how you drew him here - clothes, expression, pose.....he looks really really hot :)
mihijime's avatar
i love ichi's face in this!!
alekko7's avatar
ZOMG! O.O this look amazing! .^^ The detail is incredible! and the colouring is so vivd! :3 it is truly AWESOME! XD and the sky is so well done!!
rfnkaujcua's avatar
Oh wow, I would love to have a copy of this too! Awesome work.
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