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This is a bleach poster ( Ichigo ) that will be sold in the convention .Just 1/4 of the poster anyways xD
the hands from the wall was a completely random idea that just popped outta my head ,it is also the weirdest ,anyway please enjoy xD;;;.

only 3 weeks of school left and lots of exams... gotta focus .
ps .I will be selling some of the posters/prints/art books online : )

used : photoshop CS +opencanvas 4.03
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Very nice picture! ^^
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Wow, Ichigo looks frikkin awesome!!!
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Would be freaking amazing if you back to bleach again :)
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wow.. realy cool.. ;3
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this looks really nice
i especially like that you used your own style instea of the "original" art-style.
It fits really well here.
keep it up
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Omg I thought Ichigo couldn't get any more cooler but you've proven me wrong :blowkiss:
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That is so cool
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*Squeals and runs in a circle around my computer*


This is realy cool....I really want to see the rest of the poster!!!!!
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Hello! I featured your deviation in this journal. I invite you to take a look at the others as well :) Bye! :star:
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He looks like hte MC of GTO with all the rings nd stufff. Good artwk
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Love this! Really unique and detailed. Awesome job!! :D
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Incredible Sakimi! The addition of those hands make this image haunting and very intriguing, lovely work!
MrsKitsune's avatar
Wow! It's odd and different, and cool, and awesome, and interesting, and awesome, and... I've run out of words to say... but still pretty cool bro.
too coo fo skoo! lol Really awesome job!
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This is so pro. The awesome detail in the clothes and those freaky hands are the BEST!
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