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Birth of a Mermaid

By sakimichan
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I liked some of the idea given by some of you on my precious work : ) I decided to continue the painting. The idea was that mermaids are born from stone drops, they feed on oranges.
I tried to give the adult mermaids slight different features, like the serpents tails and different ears, just to be more various.
-The new born is confused and lose, she's wondering who the other are XD

used: photoshopCs 4

wipblog-> [link]

previous painting

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Is there a particular reason the older mermaids have their eyes covered and unseen?
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Gorgeous! Really love the pink/purple tints :D
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Sooo beautiful and detailed!!!!
So bubbly and pretty
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I love this picture, so beautiful! The colours are amazing!
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Now there's something I've never thought about.
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Wow that's so amazing it's so unique
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Hi :)
I've given this piece a Feature over here ->…
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wow, This is gorgeous.
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Hahaha! the newborn is like "WTF?" to the older mermaids. I like that concept that they feed from oranges.
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So cute! I love the colorscheme and the idea!
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I remember finding this back in 2012. I love the different ears of her sisters and the different types of tails they have! 
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What exactly do you mean by "stone drops"?
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This is stunning~! Very creative idea as well, its brilliant.
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they feed on oranges!
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aww, I wanna be a mermaid! ^^
Very nice image, clouds and lighting is soft and go well together :) 
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so pretty! all your mermaids are amzingly pretty!
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