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Bakugo Older pinup

By sakimichan
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Ah I'm all caught up with My hero academia and I'm so into it ! Along my favorite characters are Bakugou, Deku , Shoto, eraser head  etc<3I really enjoy the male character designs from this anime. This piece is my pinup take on older version of Baku, hes got so much pinup potential ;w; <3 I enjoyed painting this one <3

 NSFW preview

❅ steps
❅video process
❅3-4k pixel jpg

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Deadpool X Kill la Kill by sakimichan

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used: photoshop CS6
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damn he hot so so so hot aaaaa *nose bleed*

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Dude chill out with this stuff

I never knew that my nose could bleed this much. There's more blood here than when I start my period early. That's insane.

Eeeeek i love it and...... Thats my Fire Boy.

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* Gets back up from dying from the Deku-Kun one and then dies again, seeing this*

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I am getting onto a kiribaku rampage and THIS FULFILS ME HAHAHA! :love::love::drool: so beautiful,

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aaa i came here from the slow music vid and DAYUM😳

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This is the sexiest thing on the planet

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I have 2 wall scrolls with your art I had no idea who did it but I finally found you!! And I m.j ow I can support you fully

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Deku: Don't be intimidated Deku. Try imagining him in his underwear....

Five seconds later.

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Whoo boy... we've got a live one here. 😍

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I'm having a hot flash and I'm not even in menopause

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Thats sooooo gay,still great work
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Wow! Good Job, Sakimi-chan!             Um... M-may I ask you about A-Amy rose? I'm sorry for I ask you! O~O
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I guarantee you that if you ask in that cringey roleplay way, the artist will not answer you. 

(unless Sakimichan decides to be an arse and responds for the fun of it)
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Tbh I don't think anybody else apart from roleplayers would answer you
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