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Anatomy 101 Shapes/landmarke .Voice over tutorial.


Available through gumroad !

This voice over tutorial pack comes with

❆Voice over video tutorial( 2h 37 min)



Available through my patreon pledge !

After my character concept voice over series, I felt like it's time to continue my anatomy voice over series seeing I've gotten many questions about anatomy , though it might be helpful for you guys if I explained some of the muscle shapes/anatomical landmarks/tricks and a quick recap on proportions >:3 I really enjoy  drawing anatomy sketches like this *_*

you can also check out my gumroad for past term tutorials
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That bitch, I gave her 1 month core no one thank

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I would like to get the tutorials but I would like to know if it is easy to understand even being in English I do not have much to invest at the moment I am entering the drawing career I do not see another work where I live because of the crisis with this I would like to improve the completion of my drawing for sale, but I speak porrtugues will I benefit from your tutorial?
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I'm gonna practice doing this, In hope it'll improve my anatomy so I can then stylize it in my own way >:3
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well, I don't think a censorship of male nipples was needed but okay
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i have noticed that you really do love drawing human anatomy alot, maybe that is why your works are so awesome and amazing.
and who the hell in their crazy mind says your anatomy is bad.

i just wish you would do more voice overs in a pack
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Um, excuse me, but do you happen to have tutorials for hands and feet? :)
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Huff huff, I don't really get this Patreon page, am I late to get this tutorial pack?:(
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After you pledge do you always have access/a copy of this. Or is it only for a set amount of time? 
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You deserve support and would love to buy this tutorial, but absolutely detest Patreon. Please make available elsewhere :)
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Ignore, found GumRoad, now filling up cart :-D
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Even the nipples of the guy are censored
vassilopoula's avatar
double standards... ;)
Mooneon's avatar
Would you bother doing a tutorial of different shapes of females and male? Not all humans in the world are exactly the same size as this..
VyntageInk's avatar!!!!!
Drawing men has been the most complicated thing for me for YEARS good glob!! Just THANK YOU!! Cry forever :heart:
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Cry forever Cry forever Cry forever Cry forever Cry forever Cry forever Cry forever 
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i know your feels :)
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is this available to purchase seperately?
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Huehuehuehue XD
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These look amazing as always, but it'd also be nice to see your take on different body types as well. ^^
Anyways, keep up the great work! I've learned a lot thanks to these! :D
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