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Anatomy 101.Posing a character Voice over tut.

By sakimichan
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Available through gumroad !

This voice over tutorial pack comes with

❆Voice over video tutorial (1h 20 min)



Available through my patreon pledge !

Hey guys ! this is a follow up of the previous terms voice over lesson (…) In this tutorial I'll be talking about how to go about posing your character, and just some basic rules to keep in mind : ) it's pretty basic so it's suited for beginners : D
Anatomy 101  porportion Voice over tutorial pack by sakimichan

you can also check out my gumroad for past term tutorials!
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vv Because it's normally 7 - 8 1/2 heads, either doesn't matter
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on this video you say seven and half head! but draw eight and half head!!!!!
and you repeat this mistake on the other video that i have 

anatomy basics proportion 101

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you've been one of my favorite artist's for years, so once I get the money I am definitely going to put some money and get this tutorial so I am able to get this. Posing and anatomy is the next step that I am having trouble with in my own style, and can really use this =^_^+
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I want all these but I have no money Q~Q
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Wow this is great. I'll totally check this out later. Thanks.
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I like 
Heart - Free Heart - Free Heart - Free 
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This is cool keep up the great work ^_^
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Thank you very much, this is what I need! :D
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Make Easily attractive & Sexiest Body impress everyone
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Cool. I still have trouble with gestures, so thanks.
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Please don't spam. It is extremely disrespectful to the artist.
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I don't think he gives a shit.
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I agree. I've seen a couple of people make accounts, spam, and then they are kicked off. But I hoped that maybe if someone comments they might at the very least think about what they are doing. I mean, not only is it against DA rules, it's disrespectful. 
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Don't talk to it. Just report it, dumbass.
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There are nicer ways to say it, rude.
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Some people were born ignorant and rude. Failed parenting most likely. Probably doesn't even notice it either. I pity him.
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//sobshowitsonlypatreon >:c
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it's only 10$. not that much for something that will help you develop your skill : x
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the fact i dont buy online.
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weeelll... there are great tutorials on youtube, that are free :) ps. if you're really 14-daaaamn. your art is incredible:)
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//sobswhycan'tartistsjustmakemoney >:c
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