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Another piece form Highschool DxD of the lovely Akeno <3 really enjoyed painting this one too ^o^


  NSFW preview 

❅ steps
❅video process
❅3-4k pixel jpg

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used: photoshop CS6
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mystically sexy and gorgeously bouncy

0gu's avatar
She looks great
Passin's avatar
1179127's avatar
has anyone else noticed that this giel has NO underpants on?!?!

Why even wear a skirt if that's the case?

Tiene una linda expresión su rostro
andy-kun's avatar
My favorite among all in the Gremory family.

I wish I can be as half as good as you. Stupendous artwork.
kyuubikurama2277's avatar
Oh wow. Awesomely done
One of Serafall Leviathan please.... Is the Best Girl
MacblinkSkylight's avatar
One of Koneko please!
silvawu's avatar
wow sexy girl!
Holydragoner27's avatar
Okay... this is jaw dropping. She looks almost REAL. Its almost like I am seeing a a picture of an actual living person. In fact if it wasn't for the anime eyes she would looked totally like living breathing human. Incredible work!
Horny4Pony420's avatar
Best DxD girl hands down!
NODOGAN's avatar
BEST GIRL!...ok maybe not, allot of DxD girls are best girl lol
DragonKnight-15's avatar
Sadist person she is... I wanna!
BlueDeity's avatar
Someone's gotta say it and it may as well be me.  That bra is almost photorealistic
RollingPenguin's avatar
I Love Akeno, Great ever! ;)
Kodrago's avatar
Beautiful artwork
Aka-KuroAKIRA's avatar
Why is it Highschool DxD . . . it's a shameful anime.
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