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Adult RWBY series: Blake Belladonna

By sakimichan
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Next up on my Adult rwby cast pinup series <3 Blake ! Love her design. I take on it with some additional details XD


NSFW preview

❅ steps
❅video process
❅3-4k pixel jpg

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used: photoshop CS6
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Sexy Bella Booty!!!

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I like the pose she's in
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Dominatrix kitty is out 
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Can I please get WHIPPED too?  With Blake, anytime and I won't regret it everytime Xd
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Careful what ya wish for Blake can be one tuff pussycat
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My man, with her I'll be a VERY gud boi.

Just ask Sun, he feels me as he got whipped himself :catwoman: 

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Yeah ill stay away from that but good luck. 

I dont remember Sun getting whipped just a lot of slap
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Oh he got his alright, just behind closed doors.

If you think about, he's wrapped around her little fingers the day they first met. Whip

Plus, he's a glutton for punishment given them slaps he received from her.  It'd be crazy that he only got just slaps from her.
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love is crazy 
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It sure does.  Sun will go to great lengths for Blake (that's Husbando material) AND she'll let him tap that BELLABOOTY as a reward.

As I said before: Blake got him whipped Guuud lol  :catwoman:Rick-y Rage 
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Meow! *purring sound*
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Well we knew this day was coming the 50 shades of cat were a dead give away
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Can't wait to see Yang !
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Me neither (though considering that they already posted a lot other non-RWBY pics...)
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Love the outfit. :)
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I adore this series, so far. This Blake has to be my favorite among the three. When can we expect to see Yang?
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para cuando yang???
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