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.18 years old sakura.

By sakimichan
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Fanart commissioned by ~artemidorus : )please enjoy.

the saukra you see here is older , I wanted to make her outfit more "mature-like",I had fun drawing her. xD

*works on more commissions* ,I think I just might finish all of them within this month ,hopefully .

I want to thank all my watchers and also those who commented and faved : ) <3333 Thank you, Thank you, Thank you !!!
used: oepncanvas 4.03+photoshop CS

ps. my art book, is open for reservation here [link]
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KandaHarukaStudent General Artist
Naruto Uzumaki (Thumbs Up) I love the gothic sense.
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Ranma-SUN Writer
It is Sakura or Harley Quinn?
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chibicutelucy Digital Artist
L-O-V-E I-T <3
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Still, doing what she does best, standing there with a knife and doing nothing.
Good job, I love your style.
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HotaruNS13Hobbyist Artist
Outstanding :happybounce:
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I love how you made her eyes emerald green so they really pop out against all the pink and red. I am a big fan of attractive/interesting/unique/etc. eyes, so I always enjoy when an artist does something to make the eyes of a person stand out in his/her creations. I've never been a fan of the character herself, but this piece is quite nice. I was thinking it might have been more fitting to put cherry blossoms floating by, but perhaps that would have been too cliche.
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ShakethingsupHobbyist Artist
I love when she's portrayed with power like this! Good job ^^
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MaliceDaliaeHobbyist General Artist

You captured her perfectly and then aged her up, all the while keeping the essence of Sakura

That is an amazing feat that you should be proud of

And having fun while doing it is important ;3

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Wow, this is great ! I wish you'd do more fanarts of her (actually, I'd love to commisson you for that *v*) !
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wow, I always wondered what she would look like a little older, well now I know. thanks!
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KailyloveHobbyist General Artist
She is soooooooooo cool
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HoneyGoddess57Student General Artist
Even if this drawing is old; you were very good!!:thumbsup:
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MysticKyuubi24Hobbyist General Artist
holy crap! that was YOU who made this?!
You are too damn awesome XD
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Wow! This piece is so beautiful; Sakura has recently become one of my favorite characters, and I absolutely adore this work.
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EeffieHobbyist General Artist
Beautiful picture! However I feel she doesn't look...feminine enough. o.o But that's just my opinion. I truly enjoy your art!
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Newm00nHobbyist General Artist
I love it >o<
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I ♥ it.
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very great picture of Sakura! the contrast between the green eyes and the rest of the picture is amazing!
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linnbarryHobbyist General Artist
Sakuuuura chaaaan!!!! <3
Mizu-no-Kage's avatar
I like how she is drawn and posistioned in this piece.
However, I must inquire, why are her eyes green? I thought her eyes were aqua blue, not green. Perhaps it was my mistake, but I find it curious. Though, admitedly, I love how the eyes stand out above all else.
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KhayriaHobbyist Digital Artist
Her eyes are always green xD
Mizu-no-Kage's avatar
A. I thought they were blue. Well hot damn.

B. I feel silly that I am just now replying to this.
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