Jisei (Visual Novel) by sake-bento
In case you haven’t heard, a super typhoon recently passed through the Philippines. It’s kind of scary for me, because I was just in the Philippines two weeks ago in some of the cities that the super typhoon passed through.

I’d like to help all our friends and fans in the Philippines, so to that end, all the money made from sakevisual sales this week (November 9-16, 2013) will be donated via Global Giving.

For anyone who’s new here, sakevisual has a series of supernatural murder mystery games: Jisei, Kansei, and Yousei. They’ve won awards and stuff, and I’ve been told the characters in it are sexy, so surely that’s a bonus. (Also, the art’s really nice and they’re fully voiced.)

If you’re strapped for cash, here’s a 15% off code: CKTE00028

It works on any or all of the games.
Jisei - The First Case - $10
Kansei - The Second Turn - $15
Yousei - The Third Investigation - $15

If you’d rather just donate directly, please check out Global Giving.
Yousei (Visual Novel) by sake-bento
For our first order of business, I'd like to announce that Yousei is officially released. Wooo!
Buy Yousei or try the demo here!

I hear it's pretty good, so give it a spin. ^_-

Contest Closed
Congratulations to the winners: sakevisual.blogspot.com/2013/0…
Buy it or try the free demo!

Yosh! The full version of Yousei is now available! For those of you who pre-ordered, the original confirmation email should have a link in it. It will lead you to the most recent version of Yousei.

Yousei - cover art by DejiNyucu
A big thanks to all the sakefans who entered. There're a lot of great pieces to choose from, so I'll need your help to pick a winner.

You can find all the entries and the voting form here: sakevisual.blogspot.com/2012/0…

Voting will be open for a week (closes on the 29th), so tell all your friends to stop by and vote! Good luck to everyone who entered.
Alistair Figure by sake-bento
Pre-Order Here
If you've been following us on facebook, twitter, or tumblr, then you've already seen this little dude. Otherwise, check it out! It's Alistair! Due to popular request, we'll have a limited amount of chibi figures available for sale in the near future. You can pre-order a figure for yourself now and guarantee that you'll get one.

Voting for the fan favorite will go up on Monday! Stay tuned!

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