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Jisei (Visual Novel) by sake-bento
Kansei (Visual Novel) by sake-bento
Yousei (Visual Novel) by sake-bento
Visual Novel - Ripples by sake-bento
Backstage Pass
Backstage Pass CGs by sake-bento
Jisei Series
Jisei + Kansei wallpaper by DejiNyucu
LiMei and the bunnies by DejiNyucu
Yousei - Promo by DejiNyucu
Yousei - cover art by DejiNyucu
Ripples - Kuu and kitties by DejiNyucu
Kuu - photographs by DejiNyucu
Ripples - promo art by DejiNyucu
RE: Alistair++
Alistair Figure by sake-bento
RE: Alistair++ - Otome Game by sake-bento
RE: Alistair Promo by sake-bento
Plat du Jour
Happy Valentines Day! by DejiNyucu
100131 kurara by DejiNyucu
hanami x 2


Kuu and Kitties by PastelPyon
Twin invasion! by neonparrot
Crossover~! by whyamievenhereohgad
Autumn by Risotte
Li Mei (Yousei ver.) by akemyu
Kangai by Kiba-dono
Backstage Pass
SS: Tooaya by Neire-X
John Brandon Portrait by ChozoGal
Backstage Pass: Matthew Partridge by ChozoGal
RE: Alistair++
Re:Alistair ++ by electra-gretchen
RE:Alistair by Erumi-n
Alistair by TheLazyFatCat
Alistair head shots by Jessiebphan
SakeVisual Fanart by SkeletonCarousel
Picnic - Ripples by luckcharm
Kuu expressions redux by HienFan
Ripples pg. 4 by CoroQuetz
Text by gallowsgambler
I don't want to be lonely anymore... by Ominaze
Text by AnimeNo1Fan
Takeshi_and_Maya_by_Yaklin1412 by yaklin1412





Hey, everyone! Thanks for checking out sakevisual. We're a small group of people from around the world who make visual novels and other anime inspired games. We hope that you enjoy the ride.

If you are interested in volunteering your skills, please check out…

If you have any questions about sakevisual, please post them as comments or send sake-bento a note. Please do not send notes to the group. I keep forgetting group notes exist. >.>;;

Completed Works:

Jisei (Visual Novel) by sake-bento
Jisei - A supernatural mystery game.
Illustrated by DejiNyucu

Kansei (Visual Novel) by sake-bento
Kansei - Another murder mystery. The sequel to Jisei.
Illustrated by DejiNyucu

Yousei (Visual Novel) by sake-bento
Yousei - Even more murder! Sequel to Jisei and Kansei.
Illustrated by DejiNyucu


RE: Alistair++ - Otome Game by sake-bento
RE: Alistair++
An otome dating sim and stat raiser.
Illustrated by tooaya and programmed by TheeForsakenOne


Visual Novel - Ripples by sake-bento
A short story about cats, cookies, and making a difference.
Illustrated by DejiNyucu


My Magical Cosplay Cafe…
This is not the ending you were looking for.
Character design and sprites by SaEun


Text - A Summer Story (Sound Novel) by sake-bento
[text] - A Summer Story…
A tale of a girl and a boy.
Photography by Samukun
Greetings sakefans! After several requests from you super cool people, we've decided to put Backstage Pass on Steam Greenlight! We've already been told that visual novels don't belong, and anime art is for losers, but that won't stop us from making the best game we can for you, and we'd like to share it with as many people as possible. If you (or a friend) has a Steam account, please vote us up:

Backstage Pass on Steam Greenlight

Even if you don't have a Steam account, please share this with your friends and be sure to stop by the page to see our shiny new trailer featuring gameplay and animation from Studio DEEN.
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