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Thought you guys might be interested in this, I have been:
If anyone is interested, my VN launched a demo earlier this week!…
Got a question; does this group give tips of Visual Novel art?
I don't speak for the group at all, but if you're still looking for tips or help, I'd be happy to give advice. I'm wrapping up a VN right now. here's the new trailer…
Oh my I only just realized Alistar++ had a group and on top of that, more games like it! Oh I'm so happy right now~

Oh while I'm on the subject, I'm making visual novels myself, but I'm having a hard time finding artists. Would you give me a little advice on how I should go about this?
I'm an artist albeit I don't accept money
When's this year's contest? I'd like to participate again and prepare another Jisei art

And I'd like to see the vote when it's over