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Visual Novel - Ripples

By sake-bento
You can download this deviation for a file that runs on Windows, Mac or Linux, or you can play the online version here: [link]

Written by ~sake-bento
Illustrated by ~dejichan
Music by Marc Conrad Tabula
Voices by ~maioceaneyes and ~sake-bento

Built with #RenPy

Please visit our group #sakevisual for more anime story games and visual novels.
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Dude, how do you even use RenPy? I tried it and it's so difficult! (likely because I don't know python...) Also the game is really good. Thumbs Up 
btw you need to try entering steam greenlight or something
 Love It The Best Story Board Ever 
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Lovely art and lovely story :)
WonderlandRevisited's avatar
My first encounter with the visual novel format.  My second encounter was the spectacular freeware Katawa Shoujo.  After that I saw demos for a number of mediocre commercial offerings.  The visual novels from Sake Visual represent the top-of-the-line for English-language offerings.
GilgaPhoenixIgnis's avatar
I've read you're VN some time ago and rather enjoyed it. The story is simple but work well, wich make this short work enjoyable.
pichiruchi1's avatar
really inspirational i love it
Babu-Lal's avatar
What did you use to make the pictures?
sake-bento's avatar
Paint Tool SAI.
Babu-Lal's avatar
Done on computer or tablet?
sake-bento's avatar
Tablet. An Intuos, I think.
Babu-Lal's avatar
Thanks! The game was splendid!
Honeypie675's avatar
This was great! :) Very inspirational and all, and Kuu's hair is amazing! :D Love the colors! Good voice actors as well!
barkingbeagle's avatar
So the artstyle and it was clear it was illustrated by Deji....
Thumb up
Bon-Bon-Bunny's avatar
This is just an all-around nice game, a pleasant and healing experience. <3
Riiriimush's avatar
*-* woooooooooooooooooooooow
kura-ou's avatar
Thanks for posting! I actually didn't know that there was an online version =O
JenFabulous's avatar
i liked it so much that i wish there was more!!! Dx lol
Videogamergirl18's avatar
I first played this game through an app on my browser and I loved it, but it got deleted. Thanks :)
Rikkiblue's avatar
I thought I wouldn't really like it because it's not interactive, but I loved it! It was so sweet, even though it was short.
kezuki18's avatar
This is my favourite visual novel I really like it
Jackarage's avatar
I read it long ago, I really love it the story. I didn't know it was on DA xD
Good job, I love it very much ♥ :D
Chairrypie's avatar
This one was so cute and sweet! r there any more visual novels like these?
sake-bento's avatar
Well, we've made a few more games that you can find here: [link]
They're all different genres. We're working on another similar game right now. You can find updates here: [link]
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